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Microsoft, NetApp and Citrix at the BSDCan 2012 conference announces support of FreeBSD on Windows Server Hyper-V.

"The FreeBSD drivers will allow FreeBSD to run as a first-class guest on the Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor. The drivers will be fully released early this summer, including the source code for the drivers under the BSD license, and will initially work with FreeBSD 8.2 and 8.3 on Windows Server 2008 R2," Microsoft said.

Microsoft Announces FreeBSD Support on Windows Server Hyper-V

"As more organizations are using virtualization to manage mission-critical workloads, they are taking advantage of the cost-saving benefits of server consolidation and building a foundation for private, public and hybrid cloud computing. FreeBSD support on Windows Server Hyper-V is one example of how Microsoft helps customers adopt virtualization and progress towards cloud computing," the comapny adds.

System Center 2012

Also, Microsoft made available a new Open Beta for Private Cloud MOF Guide entitled "Managing and Operating a Microsoft Private Cloud--How to Apply the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)," that leads you through the process of how to manage and operate a Microsoft private cloud using the service management processes of the MOF.

"Follow this guidance for a private cloud that is better aligned to meet your business needs. Employ MOF's service management functions (SMFs) to help align IT and business goals, which can enable you to perform private cloud activities effectively and cost-efficiently," Microsoft stated.

This guide focuses on the SMFs in the Operate Phase and the Manage Layer of MOF to give IT pros and managers what they need to know about managing and operating a private cloud. Management reviews--internal controls that ensure goals are met to achieve business value--are also included.

You can download the Managing and Operating a Microsoft Private Cloud--How to Apply the Microsoft Operations Framework from Microsoft Connect.

The Application Approval Workflow (AAW) extends your application approval process. "AAW uses System Center 2012 - Orchestrator between Configuration Manager and Service Manager to sync Configuration Manager applications, leverage Service Manager workflows, and post the approval status back to Configuration Manage," Microsoft stated.

"We created wizards in Service Manager to configure custom service request template-matching criteria. User and application properties received in the approval request from Configuration Manager are used to select a service request template containing an approver list and activities that best fit your business process," the comapny adds.

Key features:

  • Sync Configuration Manager applications data into the Service Manager database.
  • Monitor and transport Configuration Manager Application Catalog requests requiring approval to Service Manager and open a service request.
  • Return the completed approval workflow status to Configuration Manager for handling.
  • Allow administrators to define and maintain application selection criteria for specific applications or application groups and specific users or user groups.
  • Track service application requests and view application catalog contents in Service Manager.

The System Center Cloud Services Process Pack is now available for download -- is Microsoft's Infrastructure as a Service solution built on the System Center platform.

"With the System Center Cloud Services Process Pack, enterprises can realize the benefits of Infrastructure as a Service while simultaneously leveraging their existing investments in the Service Manager, Orchestrator, Virtual Machine Manager, and Operations Manager platforms," Microsoft said.

The following System Center 2012 - Service Manager add-ons and extensions are available for download:

System Center Service Manager Authoring Tool is a tool for customization and extension of the built-in functionality in System Center Service Manager. This release supports modifying existing Process Management Packs and creating new Management Packs that define extensions to the Service Manager database for tracking additional information, customizations of forms or new forms, and new workflows. This release is available in 10 languages.

This release is compatible with the System Center 2012. It contains the necessary changes to ensure the Authoring Tool is compatible with System Center 2012 - Service Manager but does not contain a new feature set from prior releases.

System Center Cloud Services Process Pack will offer a self-service experience to facilitate private cloud capacity requests from your business unit IT application owners and end users, including the flexibility to request additional capacity as business demands increase.

IT Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Process Management Pack--combined with the IT Compliance Management Series--helps customers understand and bind complex business objectives to their Microsoft infrastructure in an operationally efficient manner.

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