'Formula Columns, Web Query' and More to DoubleClick Search

'Formula Columns, Web Query' and More to DoubleClick Search; DFP Rolls Out 'Conversion Reporting, Custom Fields, Bulk Editing'

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DoubleClick Search (DS) rolls out Offline Conversions API, Google Analytics integrations, Formula Columns, and Web query support

To ensure important business data is accessible and actionable within DoubleClick Search, the team has announced four new features that include: "Offline Conversions API, Google Analytics data integrations, Formula Columns, and Web Query support."

Offline Conversions API Beta. To capture lost conversions and bring offline into your online world, beta of Conversions API for uploading offline conversion automatically is available as on today. "Upload new conversions to account for in-store transactions, call-tracking, or other offline activities, or edit existing conversions to account for discounts, returns, credit, or fraud through integrated API access," informs the team, adding, "you can combine this information with Performance Bidding Suite to optimize your campaigns based on even more of your business data."

Google Analytics website data integration. Google Analytics metrics (beta), which incorporates statistics including bounce rate, page views, transactions, and revenue from Google Analytics, to get a clear picture of how search influences customer interaction on your website.

The team notes that they'll introduce the ability to use bid strategies with your website metrics in the next few months, "ensuring your campaign's bid optimization is informed by important user engagement metrics."

Formula Columns directly in the interface lets you create your own customized columns, based on calculations that you apply to existing columns. "Now, apply formulas directly in DS and streamline your workflow: track custom KPIs, re-express columns in your own terms, and calculate customized fees, costs, and weights, among other applications," the team adds.

Web query support, simplifies your workflow and saves you time by removing the need to manually download and import reports. Now, "instead of scheduling or downloading a file to access your reports, "DS now provides a URL that you can use to automatically download and refresh that report's data -- directly in Excel--"making it even easier for you to create common report templates in Excel and populate those with the latest DS data, removing the need to manually download and import reports."

Update: "This feature is useful for for creating template reports for weekly or monthly client deliverables and quarterly business reviews. You can also use this feature to create and automatically refresh highly customized internal dashboards for your agency team. DoubleClick Search gives you the flexibility to create a web query from any campaign management or bid strategy," informs the DS team.

Web Query is compatible with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for Windows or Excel 2010 for Windows. Here is how to set up a web query fast and easy:

Setting up Doubleclick Search Web Query

Visit this Help Center article to learn more about web query.

DoubleClick for Publishers rolls out Conversion reporting, custom fields, and bulk editing

In other DoubleClick news, the Doubleclick for Publisher (DFP) rolling out a few new reporting features:

Conversion Reporting. Aailable in DFP Premium, conversion reporting allows publishers to showcase the value of their inventory while providing advertisers new ways to measure campaign performance. Using this new tool, "DFP users can select specific activities to count as conversions and then provide their advertisers customized performance metrics for their campaigns," inform the DFP.

Custom Fields feature provides publishers just that, the ability to create custom metadata fields to manage their inventory in new ways. "DFP users can simply define a new field on the order, line item, or creative level and then use those fields to save data, create reports, or map them into DART Sales Manager to be used for sales proposals," the DFP wrote.

In-line edit and Bulk line item edit features make modifying setup faster and to reduce the number of clicks and page refreshes needed to make changes.

"In-line edit allows you to make multiple changes to any line item directly from the orders page and save them all with one click. Also from the orders page, bulk line item edit allows you make the same change to multiple line items quickly and easily," the team explains.

Update 12/21: Because bidding tools can be considered the "brain" of an SEM management tool, its "smarts" can make or break search campaign performance. In a blog post, DS team dive deeper into choosing the right bid optimization platform --says, the following key capabilities should be look for in a smart bid optimization system:

  • "Near-real-time trend detection: Can the bid engine use past and current data to predict future trends? Can it pick up on market trends such as seasonality, holiday periods, or sudden spikes in demand due to offline events like weather, accounting for fluctuations in traffic around such external events?
  • Performance-based spend allocation: Can the bid engine intelligently allocate budgets dynamically to various keywords, based on their performance? Do they consider the opportunity cost of each keyword and allocate spend accordingly?
  • Low-volume keyword evaluation: These keywords are often overlooked by manual or simple bid optimization methods, as they provide little or no data to use. However, ignoring long-tail terms can add up across the board--leaving opportunity on the table. How does the bid optimization tool account for these low-volume keywords? Can it group similar keywords together and bid on them as a whole?," the team wrote.

To learn more about the DoubleClick Search Performance Bidding Suite, download this white paper here.

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