Flexible Reach Targeting on Display Network; Tests Googler Car Leads Product; Mobilize Your AdWords Campaigns; AdWords API v201206 Launches; Location Targets to Start PHASING_OUT

Google introduces a new Flexible reach targeting setting on the new "Display Network tab," a new interface in AdWords dedicated to making display buying easier and more efficient by combining your targeting, bidding and optimizing in one place."Flexible reach enables you to fine-tune where your ads show by choosing your settings at the ad group […]

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Google introduces a new Flexible reach targeting setting on the new "Display Network tab," a new interface in AdWords dedicated to making display buying easier and more efficient by combining your targeting, bidding and optimizing in one place.

"Flexible reach enables you to fine-tune where your ads show by choosing your settings at the ad group level instead of the campaign level. This will give you more control over where your ads appear and who sees them," exp;ains Google.

The Flexible reach campaign setting will appear as an optional setting in the Networks and devices section of your Settings tab in AdWords accounts in June and will eventually replace the Broad and Specific reach options later this year.

"Once you've selected this option in an existing campaign, you can't revert back to Broad or Specific reach and any new ad group will have Flexible reach by default. Your current targeting and bidding selections will remain the same, but you'll now have the control to select how to target and bid on an individual ad group basis," explains Google.

Flexible reach campaign in AdWords Display Network Tab

Flexible Reach Targeting in AdWords

"Flexible reach allows you to select any combination of multiple targeting selections at the ad group level, plus the control to combine different methods for targeting and bidding at the ad group level. It also provides transparency into how your targeting selections are affecting the reach and impression volume of your campaigns."

To find out more about how to take advantage of Flexible reach, visit the AdWords Help Center.

Google has also quietly San Francisco Bay Area launched what is being referred to as "Google Cars," a new addition to Google's comparison ads (those "Sponsored" ads appearing between the PPC ads and organic results).

Google Cars Lead Program: Vehicle Inventory and Pricing

The Google Cars (formerly Google Advisor) is a lead generation business, exclusively listing new cars. To see Google Cars, you'll need to change your ZIP code to 94301, and do a Google search for "Palo Alto Toyota," return results that include a box similar to other Google Advisor products. The box shows images of vehicles, prices and a link to the dedicated Auto Advisor site -- http://www.google.com/advisor/usauto. (Which only works if the ZIP code entered is in the Bay Area.)

It also has a "Sponsored" icon, which lets users know that some of the auto dealers have paid Google for listings. Google's sponsored ad block shwos four different cars, with links to check them out. When you click on the first listing, the Toyota Camry, you will be taken to a page that lets you filter in all sorts of ways: by make, model, trim, year, engine, transmission, seats, body, exterior and interior colors, and more.

Just as Google has a link to "Why these ads?", Google has a link to "Why these cars?" where Google notes: "Vehicles from participating dealers are sorted by MSRP and distance. We are compensated by some of these providers." It appears the automotive dealerships are providing a feed of their inventory that includes specific vehicles, including their vehicle identification numbers (VIN).

On the Auto Advisor site itself, users can search inventory at auto dealers surrounding their ZIP code, and can refine the results by trim, year, engine, transmission, body style and exterior color.

Google Cars Auto Advisor Inventory information

Clicking on "Incentives," reveals information about incentives -- if any -- available on the particular vehicle.

Google Cars Incentive Information

Clicking on "Google Price Info" will show "regional price paid" data, which is based on data dealers have shared with their local DMV.

Google Cars Pricing Information

You can also click on a "Contact dealer" button, which will take you to a form where you give away your email, name, and are shown a list of participating dealerships within a pre-defined distance from your house. You select which dealerships you would like to contact you and send a message to them. This will send them all your information so that a dealership can contact you.

Alternatively, you have the option of simply seeing a list of dealers to call.

Google Cars VDP

Google Cars Email Contact Options

Though, Google hasn't officially announced the Google Cars, one of the participating dealerships, Piercey Toyota, revaling some information about the progam said, the "new program is refrerred as "Google Comparison Ads" a pay-per-lead product where Google is trying to compete with a Cars.com or another similar service," said Jared Steika

AdWords API v201206 launhced today includes new ad group level Flexible reach targeting settings on the Google Display Network, a new query language to retrieve items more flexibly, new report types, and changes to ad scheduling and other services.

For complete list of changes is available in the release notes.

Google has also announced that AdWords Location Targets will start PHASING_OUT. Location criteria, first introduced in v201109, are undergoing some changes for the v201206 release.

"As of the launch of v201206, Location criteria that are PHASING_OUT will still be accepted. Starting 4 weeks later (week of 7/23), adding these targets will cause a CriterionError.Reason.CANNOT_TARGET_CRITERION error message. Please make sure before adding a Location target that it is ACTIVE. Choose a different target if it is labeled OBSOLETE or PHASING_OUT," Google said.

Check out this help center article to learn which specific locations will be removed after July 23rd.

Google says, they'll introduce two new separate targets, one for Serbia and one for Montenegro in the coming weeks. "These new targets will replace the current single Serbia Montenegro target, and the targeting status of Serbia Montenegro will change to PHASING_OUT sometime after July 27th," posted Kevin Winter, AdWords API Team.

You can check out this documentation about this new status field.

In this Help Desk Hangout On Air, Google discussed mobile advertising using AdWords, and shared reasons for advertising on mobile devices, best practices for creating mobile campaigns, and a few tips particular to mobile ads.

Watch the video recording below:

Here are some question answered during the webinar:

If I have a separate campaigns for targeting mobile vs. desktop, how should I determine what to bid for mobile?
There are significantly fewer ad slots on a mobile search result page than on a regular search result page, so setting competitive bids can be key to getting the visibility that comes with one of the two top positions, which are frequently above the organic results. We generally suggest you bid more aggressively on a mobile-specific campaign to help secure one of the top slots.

Since there are only two top ad slots above the organic results on mobile, aren't the bids too high for small businesses to compete?
Currently there isn't as much competition for certain types of businesses on mobile devices since many advertisers may be focused on targeting computers; savvy small business advertisers can take advantage of the fact that the mobile sphere might not be as saturated as the desktop sphere for their product offering or service right now.

If I use call extensions, can I allow users to click-to-call OR go to my website, or can they only click-to-call?
You have the option to choose whether we show links to your website and your phone number or whether we show only the link to your phone number with your ads.

So, you're telling me I have to create a new mobile-specific campaign and a mobile-friendly version of my website? That's just way too much work, I don't have time.
It's actually really easy to do! You can quickly duplicate an existing campaign using AdWords Editor - a free program which you can download here. Just make sure to change the device targeting options so that your original campaign targets computers only and the copied campaign targets mobile devices only. We also have a great resource which can help determine whether your website is mobile friendly and even help create a mobile version of your site for you.

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