Facebook Testing New Paywall Subscriptions Model in Instant Articles

These subscriptions include full access to a publisher's site and apps.

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Facebook Subscriptions Support in Instant Articles on Android

Instant Articles, that translates to more traffic and engagement for publishers because of the faster-loading mobile reading experience, Facebook is continuing investing in it, with a new test introducing the week, to support news "subscription models."

Initially the test is rolled out on Android devices to a small group of publishers across the U.S. and Europe.

The test will support a paywall in Instant Articles for both metered models, like a uniform meter at 10 articles (and test variations) and freemium models (controled by publishers). The publisher and subscriber relationship works the same way as it does on other sites, "where publisher has direct access and full control, including setting pricing and owning subscriber data."

Once a subscription model within Instant Articles is implemented, any reader encontering a paywall will be prompted to subscribe for full access to publisher's content. The transaction will then take place on publisher's website directly and keep 100% of the revenue.

Already a subscriber to a testing publication, can authenticate their subscription within Instant Articles for getting full access to those publisher's contents.

In addition, the company will also test other additional units to help publishers drive additional subscriptions before a person might hit the paywall. These include, a "Subscribe Call-to-Action Unit" (CTA), similar to other CTAs like Email Sign-Up or App Install, it will appear in-line in Instant Articles.

Also, a new "Subscribe" button on the top right corner of an article and that replaces the "Like" button will go through the test.

Furthermore, Facebook says, they will remove friction from the conversion flow to subscribe, leveraging data to better target content and offers to likely and existing subscribers, and improving its marketing tools to make them better suited for publishers' needs.

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