Facebook Related Articles in News Feed Now Appear in Unit Below Link

Related Articles that might appear before you read an article shared in News Feed.

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Back in 2013, Facebook had launched 'Related Articles', that help people discover new articles of about the same topic. These additional articles, which appear for topics many people are talking about on Facebook, appear in the News Feec, adter people read an article.

Now, starting on Tuesday, Facebook have begun a new test of 'Related Articles' that appear before you read an article shared in the News Feed. These articles would now appear in a unit below the link. And, should provide people easier access to additional perspectives and information, including articles by third-party fact-checkers.

For example, "during an instance when a lot of people are discussing an article about a new medical advancement, we may also show you a few other articles below it from different publishers about the same medical topic," explains Facebook.

Facebook notes, though there won't be any impact of this on My Page, and people should continue posting stories on their Pages, that are relevant to audience.

Relates Articles in Facebook News Feed

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