Facebook Enable Group Admins to Revoke Members Rights and More

New Group tools empower admins to manage members that might have forgotten group rules of conduct.

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Facebook Group Member Welcome Post

Facebook has been busy building new features specifically for Group admins to help them grow and manage their communities, on Thursday, announced several new tools for admins and members, like welcome posts, member profiles and more.

Here is the details of todays' release:

Welcome Posts enable admins to introduce new members to the group, "admins can now write a welcome post that automatically tag new joiners." The image above shows an example welcome post.

Another new feature launched, called "member profiles," directs group members when they click on a person's name to a group-specific profile, based on publicly-available information like, things shared and group activity feed of that person.

Here, an example image of Member profiles:

Facebook Member Profiles

Badges for group admins, moderators and new members help easily identify group leaders and other members.

In addition, some new features around helping admins to build and manage their communities are launched as well, such as: Group Insights tool expand to include helpful personalized tips, like scheduling posts when members are most engaged.

And, tools to manage members with just a click, like temporarily turning off a member's ability to comment and post, and remove members who violate community's rules from multiple groups.

In addition, Facebook Marketplace adds more inventory from auto dealers for American car shoppers by partnering with Edmunds, Cars.com, Auction123, CDK Global and SOCIALDEALER.

Also, Marketplace will exapnd to add more features in next few weeks for car shoppers to:

  • Enhanced vehicles section enable filtering listings by year, make, model, mileage, vehicle type and transmission, to help in finding right car.
  • See trusted car values from Kelley Blue Book
  • Communicate directly with dealership representatives via Messenger, powered by chat providers like ActivEngage, CarCode, Contact At Once!, and Gubagoo

Additionally, to give people more options when looking for products and services in their community, Facebook is also testing features in other Marketplace categories, like jobs, event tickets, retail, and home rentals.

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