Experimenting Ads in the New Google Maps

Google tests ways to show ads for better experience to reach local customers searching on Google Maps. Ads in the new Google Maps--"can now appear just below the search box and directly on the map."

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Great local commercial listings have always added useful information to Google Maps and helped businesses connect with consumers.

This past Wednesday at 2013 I/O, a glimpse of the future of Google Maps was previewed. The new Google Maps instantly draws immersive, uniquely tailored maps for each person that adapt with every click and search to highlight the things that matter most.

The new Maps is not available without an invitation and it's likely that it won't replace the classic Google Maps very soon.

By now, you may probably have already received the invitation to try out the new Google Maps. If not, you can request an invite here.

Today, Google shared details that it's now testing new ways to show ads in the new Google Maps.

"Just like in the current version of Google Maps, the best way to have your ads seen by potential customers in the new Google Maps is to run search ads with location extensions," Google writes adding, "You'll also need ensure you're including search partners in your campaign network settings to appear on Google Maps."

  • "Search ads with location extensions can appear directly on the map and just below the search box
  • Search ads without location extensions can appear just below the search box," google explains.

Google testing Ads in new Google Maps

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