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Exchange Server 2007: Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator Update 7/5/2007

To read the updated calculator blog post and get the calculator, go HERE.

In this release, we have redesigned the look of the calculator, fixed some bugs, and as always, added new functionality based on customer feedback.

New Look

  • We split the calculator up into more worksheets.    Now all input is entered into a single worksheet and the requirements are outlined in separate worksheets.
  • The input worksheet is now broken out into steps that provide instructions on how to enter the data.

Bug Fixes

  • Message Size is now taken into account when determining the log generation rate per mailbox.
  • We now clearly show what the LUN requirements are by separating out the data overhead and LUN capacity figures for both databases and transaction logs.
  • We made several formatting changes within the tables that should make it easier to understand the results.
  • We corrected the calculation of LUN free space percentage so that it actually ensured the correct percentage of free space would be available.

New Functionality

  • We have added multiple mailbox profiles to the calculator.  Now customers can design single servers that can house multiple mailbox tiers (different send/receive limits, different mailbox sizes, different I/O profiles, etc).  However, I should point out for simplicity, the calculator will not segregate out the mailbox tiers into their own storage groups; instead we distribute the mailbox tiers across all databases.
  • We have added the capability for you to enter a custom maximum database size.  Before the calculator used a maximum database size of 100GB for non-continuous replication scenarios, and 200GB for continuous replication scenarios.  Many customers sent me notes asking for customization around this because they wanted smaller database sizes.   Well you can do it.  By default the calculator will still use the 100GB/200GB sizing, but you can turn that off and enter your own value.
  • We have updated the calculator to include Exchange 2007 SP1 Standby Continuous Replication functionality.  Now you can select how many targets (up to 4) you would like to have.
  • We have added the capability for you to determine how much throughput you need for log replication when deploying geographically dispersed Cluster Continuous Replication or the Exchange 2007 SP1 Standby Continuous Replication functionality.
  • Message Size is now taken into account when determining the log generation rate per mailbox.

Source:→ Exchange Team Blog

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