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ESET Smart Security Suite 3.0.621 – Review

ESET the company that gave us NOD32 Anti-virus, that got gets accolades from all the major independent testing lab, and is one of the best products in the anti-virus range. ESET had now changed their products line, and introduced two new enhanced products:

  • ESET Antivirus: This is an enhanced version of NOD32 with anti-spam module.
  • ESET Smart Security: This is the latest in their offerings. An integrated security suite.

ESET Smart Security 3.0 is a highly integrated security suite with a solid AV component. I’hd received one month trial license from ESET to test their Business edition. The suite comes bundle with personal firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam modules. ESS 3.0 comes with a sleek, attractive and simple interface. As with many suites, the main window shows overall security status and offers quick access to the most common tasks. If there’s a security problem, ESS offers a detailed explanation along with links to correct whatever’s wrong. It really is a thoroughly integrated solution, quick to install and light in its use of system resources.

Once intalled, there are only two processes, that resides in memory: ekrn.exe (which is the NOD32 kernel) and egui.exe (which relates to the graphical user interface). The egui process’ memory consumption ranges between 1 MB to 4 MB. Together, the both processes take about 35 MB, which is not bad at all for a Security Suite comparing to competitors.

ESS has two modes, an Advanced Mode and a Standard Mode. You can easily switch between them with two mouse clicks.

In the default Standard mode, ESET makes it easy for you to launch a scan, manually check for updates, and make sweeping configuration changes like turning the firewall or antivirus on and off. Switching to Advanced mode gets you more status details, more configuration options, and access to the almost overwhelming “advanced setup tree.”

Virus and spyware protection are completely integrated, though the advanced setup tree lets you adjust their configurations individually. The standard scan examines memory, disk boot sectors, and all files on all local drives. You can define a custom scan that performs a subset of the standard scan. A powerful scheduling utility automates tasks such as looking for updates, maintaining the logs, and checking files that launch at start-up. In advanced mode, you can use the scheduler to run a scan or even a third-party application on a daily or weekly basis, at a specified interval from 1 to 43,200 minutes (30 days), or whenever a certain trigger event occurs, such as computer start-up or user log-on.

To sum up, I’ve a good impression from this Suite, it would be a good solution for the average user, since it’s very easy to use and still takes very little RAM space.

Download: ESET NOD32 Antiviurs 3.0.621 // ESET Smart Security 3.0.621 (one month full functional trial version)

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