Embed Google Drive Videos in Slides, OTT Video Platform Now on Google Cloud Platform

Insert and play your Google Drive videos in Google Slides. Anvato, Google's complete OTT video platform, now on Google Cloud Platform.

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You can now insert and play videos from Google Drive in Google Slides, in addition to videos from YouTube. While you can play Drive videos in Slides on the web and mobile, you can only insert them from the web application.

After adding the Drive video into presentation, you can simply right-click on the video and select video options such as "choose when to start and end the video, whether it should autoplay, muted or play with audio," says Drive team.

Once added, when a person who don't have permission to view a embedded video, views the presentation will be prompted to request access.

Insert Drive video into Google Slides

Insert Drive video into Google Slides
Embedded Drive video plays on Google Slides

In other news, Anvato recently migrated its services onto Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure for OTT and cloud-based video processing and delivery.

Google in July last year acquired Anvato and rolled out support for 360º video to GCP customers. The products cover a broad range of cutting-edge video processing solutions for pay TV operators, programmers, broadcasters and live event producers.

This launch on GCP now provide a fully managed, end-to-end video processing and management platform for signal acquisition, live and video-on-demand editing, hybrid encoding, social and premium syndication, dynamic ad insertion, authenticated playback, video analytics and player SDKs across all connected devices, wrties GCP team.

Also, Anvato customers are now getting new storage and delivery options,

The team notes, now they looking forward to machine learning, automation and additional scale.