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Earning $250,000 pa from blogging?

There’s an interesting article on WSJ “New Services Help Bloggers Bring in Ad Revenue” highlighting the services available by which bloggers can make money from their postings. The thing that struck me most wasn’t the services available, nor the emerging trends in online advertising, but that the chap earning $250K per year from his blog is blogging about the Rain Forest. Nothing against the rainforest(s) obviously but the fact that he is getting 1.3 Million unique visitors a month to his blog was rather surprising. I’d be interested to know what a poplar private IT blogger (Scoble?) gets by comparison.

As more people see potential in earning money off the Internet, there is a quickly expanding array of advertising services and tools for bloggers that go well beyond the standard pay-per-click text ads or display ads.

“There’s going to be a lot of new business models in 2008 that are geared toward more monetization,” says Pete Blackshaw, executive vice president of strategic services for Nielsen Online, the Web analysis unit of the Nielsen Co.

Blog publishers could certainly use the help in making money. The vast majority of publishers make less than $10 or $20 a month through advertising, according to Internet-advertising experts. How much money is made through advertising on a site depends much on how much traffic a site gets, the trustworthiness of the content and how relevant the ads are to the visitors.

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