Download Windows Media Player Feature Pack for Windows 8 and More Microsoft Softwares

If have already installed Windows 8 pre-release version(s), or are planning to install when it is finally released on October 26. Note, the new Windows operating system don't include Windows Media Player by default."There is no Media Player installed by default with Windows 8."According to Microsoft the reason behind not including WMP in Windows 8 […]

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If have already installed Windows 8 pre-release version(s), or are planning to install when it is finally released on October 26. Note, the new Windows operating system don't include Windows Media Player by default.

"There is no Media Player installed by default with Windows 8."

According to Microsoft the reason behind not including WMP in Windows 8 is that some countries require them to ship Windows without Media Player.

Basically, users can always download a standalone version of Windows Media Player in case their Windows 8 copy doesn't include one via Microsoft's official website dubbed as Windows 8 Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions comes with separate builds for x64 and x86 flavors of the operating system and can be downloaded using the link given under this post.

Windows Media Player (WMP) Feature Pack for Windows 8 N and KN Versions

Windows Azure AD Rights Management Admin Tools and Utilities provides the ability to enable the use of digital rights management technology in organizations that subscribe to the Office 365 preview services.

"Office 365 Preview customers can enable rights management capabilities within the Preview versions of Exchange Online, SharePoint and Office. These downloads enable an administrator to manage Windows Azure AD rights management features and configure Office 2010 for the Windows Azure AD Rights Management service," Microsoft stated.

iSCSI Target Storage Providers (VDS/VSS) for Windows Server 2008 enables applications on a server that is connected to an iSCSI target to perform volume shadow copies of data on iSCSI virtual disks.

It also enables you to manage iSCSI virtual disks by using older applications that require a Virtual Disk Service (VDS) hardware provider, such as the Diskraid command.

"This download package must be installed on any application server running a Windows Server release prior to Windows Server 2012 that plans to use iSCSI Target Server in Windows Server 2012. This is required in order for VDS/VSS hardware providers to communicate with iSCSI Target Server in Windows Server 2012," the Redmond company explains.

Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run Preview

By default, "Office 2013 installations that use Click-to-Run will download the Office product from the Internet, with full UI, and with automatic updates enabled. However, some administrators will need more control beyond the default Click-to-Run installation behavior in order to work best in their environments," the software company writes.

Using the Office Deployment Tool, an administrator may:

  • "Download an Office installation source to a network share location
  • Configure an installation to use a network share as the installation source instead of the Internet
  • Configure an installation to suppress all UI
  • Configure the logging for an installations
  • Configure whether Office will automatically update or not
  • Configure which products and languages to install
  • Remove Office Click-to-Run products," informs Microsoft.

Bring Your Own Corporate VM - Consumerization of IT Test Lab Guide: Hyper-V Windows 8 corporate virtual machine on personal computer document is part of a series of documents on Consumerization of IT, and more especially aims at demonstrating the Hyper-V Windows 8 Enterprise Virtual Machine on personal computer scenario in a logical progression."

Per the abstract:

"Thinking about Consumerization of IT (CoIT) necessarily leads to some security and management challenges.

Microsoft has enabled CoIT through many technologies for many years and now helps IT managers face security, compliance and compatibility issues they might deal with and give users access to corporate intellectual property from ubiquitous devices, both managed and unmanaged.

More specifically, this document deals with the situation where a company would like to put in place a "Bring You Own Device" (BYOD) environment. For that purpose, the document demonstrates how Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 can allow to work anywhere with an employee's Windows 8 computer hosting a corporate virtual machine (VM) protected by BitLocker, while enjoying connectivity to his workplace. In such a context, the Windows 8 Client Hyper-V technology and DirectAccess technologies are used to implement this CoIT scenario."

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Compat Cookbook

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 introduce the latest operating system technology and software development platforms for use by app developers and enterprises worldwide. As part of further enhancing the security, reliability, performance, and user experience of Windows, Microsoft has introduced many new features, improved existing features, and removed others.

While the goal of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 is to stay highly compatible with most of their respective apps written for previously released operating systems, some compatibility breaks are inevitable due to innovations, tightened security, and increased reliability. Overall, the compatibility of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 with existing apps is high.

Internet Safety for Enterprise & Organizations Toolkit "offers some tools that you can use to help your emloyees learn the skills they need to work more safely on the Internet and better defend company, customer, and their own personal information

  • Internet Safety at Work Readme - Instructions for how to use this kit, including printing instructions for the "Top Tips" card.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Internet Safety at Work Presentation - Give practical advise to help employees secure their computers; protect corporate, customer, and personal data; and defend their mobile devices.
  • Tip Card: Top Tips for Internet Safety at Work Card - Condenses presentation information into a two-sided card ready for printing.
  • Video: Stay Sharp at Work - Presentation information in a three-minute video.
  • Quiz: Test Your Internet Safety IQ - Distribute this quiz before, during or after your presentation. "
  • Get more help For other ideas about how to work more secure and how Microsoft can help you defend company computers

ctp of quarterly update for visual studio 2012 and team foundation server 2012 for november 2012

CTP of Quarterly Update for Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 for November 2012 (x86) English now available to download.

Unfortunately these downloads contained no description other than: "Statement of Support: This release has not been subject to final verification and validation, and is not intended to be run on production machines."

Feature Improvement: Visual Studio 2012

  • Unit Test Grouping and Filtering in Test Explorer Window
  • Code Map - add to map from editor, sxs map
  • IntelliTrace
    • Added additional support for custom IntelliTrace Events
    • Enabled reading AVIcode to collect IntelliTrace Event Data
  • Mixed Managed/Native Debugging Support for Windows Store Apps
    • Addressed issues with stepping through native code while mixed debugging
    • Improved inspection of native WinRT objects
    • Enabled remote debugging
  • Improvements for loading symbols
  • Faster and more responsive symbol loading experience for local/remote native debugging and remote managed debugging

Feature Improvement: Microsoft Test Manager

  • Several experience improvements in test case management and manual testing.
  • Support for hierarchical queries
  • Added support for update notification

Feature Improvement: Team Foundation Server 2012

  • Web Access navigation restyling and usability improvements
  • Support for kanban including a board for the backlog, Work In Progress limits, and Continuous Flow Diagrams
  • Ability to drag and drop a task in the board to another user story
  • Ability to drag and drop a task in the board to assign it to another person
  • Next and Previous buttons on the work item form in the triage view
  • Links and Attachments tab in the work item form shows the count of contents
  • Animation on the task board when a task is dragged
  • Ability to drag and drop work items in the backlog to assign to a person or activity
  • Improved error handling and messaging for Project Server Integration
  • Updated process template versions for all the templates

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