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DoubleClick Search V3 (DS3) April 24 Release ‘Bidding Process Improvement, New Search Query, Floodlight Column Reports’

DoubleClick Search V3 (DS3) Arpil 24 release now available to customers. This release, comes with improvement made to the bidding process for bid strategies: The bid strategy system now breaks up large bid changes.

“When the system determines that a large bid change is needed to optimize against the specified goal, it’ll now break up that change into increments. Previously, the system would change the bid all at once. This new bid smoothing feature helps to alleviate customer concerns over drastic bid changes,” explains DS3 team. For example:

  1. “In a bid strategy, the DS3 system determines that the ideal bid for its keywords is $9.
  2. The max strat bid is $2, so DS3 is constrained from applying the ideal bid. DS3 sets the bid at $2.
  3. The user changes the max strat bid from $2 to $10.
  4. doubleclickBefore this release: The system would change the bid from $2 to $9 all at once.
    With this release: The system will make a series of bid changes. For example, it may change the bid from $2 to $4, then to $6, and $8. As the system recalculates bids over time, at this point the system determines that the ideal bid is now $8.56. So the next bid change will be to $8.56,” the team explained.

In additon to afrementioned improvements, other features include:

  1. DoubleClick Search v3 (DS3)Search Query reporting will provide you with insight into the search queries, or terms, that are driving visits for your ads and the revenue you derive from these queries.
  2. Floodlight column reporting will give you more power to select the level of Floodlight reporting you want to see, in an easy-to-read column format. “You’ll be able to create the equivalent of a column (such, as Actions, Cost/action, etc.) that’s filtered to the selected Floodlight activities,” DS3 team informs.
  3. Change history will provide details on all changes made to your account, including user changes, inbound sync updates, and automated changes from the DS3 bid strategy system.
  4. Reporting stats for labels: Labels are a great way to manage and report on keywords outside the traditional campaign structure. With this new feature, you’ll be able to see stats for these labels.

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