DoubleClick Search Reporting by Device Type

Reporting by device type in DoubleClick Search, now available to all advertisers for Enhanced Campaigns.

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Reporting by device type in DoubleClick Search, available to all advertisers, allows to see how "your campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords are performing by device type."

With this new reporting feature, you can quickly compare how any aspect of your campaign is performing on desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Reporting by device allows you to: "

  • Report on historical data back to January 1, 2013, including both device segmented engine and conversion statistics.
  • View segmented data at all scopes, from the advertiser level all the way down to individual keywords, to inform your decisions with more granular data.
  • Support segmented data for formula columns that reference Floodlight and engine data," explains the DS team.

Reporting by device type in DoubleClick Search

You can use one of two flexible reporting features to see detailed metrics by device type: "Dimensions" or "Segmentation." "Using a dimension is best if you want to view device data for a single account, campaign or ad group, while segmentation provides device reporting across multiple accounts, campaigns or ad groups," adds DS team.

To learn more about reporting by device type, visit our Help Center article here

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