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DoubleClick Search Bulk Editing will Soon Allow Updating of Multiple Ads or Keywords

DoubleClick Search will soon allow you to update the settings of multiple ads or keywords directly within the DS UI through “Bulk operations”. “This new feature currently in limited release to a few customers (but will soon be available to everyone) will help streamline your workflow by allowing you to make bulk changes to keywords and ads without leaving the campaigns page of your account,” posted DoubleClick Search team.

Bulk editing options include:

DoubleClick Search Bull Editing Operations


  1. Update with all new text for the ad headline, body, or URLs.
  2. Find and replace existing text in the headline, body, or URLs.


  1. Max CPC bid: Enter a new bid or increase/decrease the bid by either a percentage or a set amount.
  2. Landing page URL: Enter a new URL, find and replace existing text in the URL, or append text to the URL. This value will be added at the end of any existing text in the URL.

Update in bulk

Bulk editing is only available for keywords or ads within a single engine. “Begin by selecting an engine account and then scoping to the keywords or ads tab. From there, filter to the objects you want to edit together. Select the Edit all button under the performance summary graph and then choose the action you’d like to take from the dropdown. The edit panel will alert you to how many objects will be updated, to ensure you are changing the intended objects,” explains the DS team.

“After saving those changes, they’ll appear in the Bulk operations section of your account. This section will list out the results of recent bulk changes including the date, time, user, and results.”

You can download a report from the Results column for more details, including the reasons that any of the ads/keywords failed to be updated. You can also use this report to undo a bulk edit by editing the file and then re-uploading it into DS.

Example use cases

Increase or decrease bids: “You’d like to increase the CPC bids by 10% for all the keywords in an engine account that’re reaching or surpassing your goal. Your ERS goal is 20%. From the Keywords tab, add a filter for an ERS goal greater than 20%. Once the filter is applied, select Edit All, and then Change bid,” the team explains.

DS3 Bulk Editing Keywords

Update URLs: “Need to update your landing page URLs with a new tracking parameter? Filter to the appropriate keywords, select Edit all, then Append to URL and add your parameter. This parameter will be appended to the end of all the current keyword landing page URLs,” explains the team.

DS3 Bulk Editing: Update URLs

Find/replace ad text: “Need to update the last line of your ad text for an upcoming promotion? From the Ads tab, filter to the ads you want to change, then select Edit all. From the edit panel, select Set text, then Description 2. Enter the new closing text,” added DS team.

DS3 Bulk Editing: Find and replace ad text

You can read more about all the bulk edit options in this Help Center article.

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