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Google Play Store adds a new "Google Play Private Channel," for Apps customers to hekp them distribute internal Android apps to users at their organization. "This private channel is restricted to users in the domain and can be used to host internal corporate Android apps like a mobile company directory app," google stated."Whether you've built […]

Have you ever flipped through the "People also search for" section of the Knowledge Graph panels -- incase not, Google today added explanations to it. "Just mouse over or click on a thumbnail to see an explanation of how it's connected to the subject of your search."Google says, people had fun with their Bacon Number […]

Google Apps in a partnership with today announced of adding a support for 30 top-level domain (TLD) options, including 22 ccTLDs, with prices starting at $8 per year. Google is also, offering businesses that wish to sign up for Google Apps but don't yet have a domain name to choose from during sign-up. "Your […]