Discovery Potential Leads Through New Trending Queries and Broad Match

Uncover new audiences, leads and learn from Bing Ads research to capture 73% of new trending queries by using broad match and broad match modified.

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Bing's new Trending Queries and Broad Match helps advertisers to discover potential leads by just clicking into new dashboard which fills up top 20 new trending queries by vertical every two weeks are captured by broad match or broad match modified.

Using the new "Trending Queries dashboard with its on-point insights and this match type strategy together could uncover new leads, giving you more of the valuable Bing audience," wrties Bing ads team.

The team in a recent webcast talked about how this new dashboard for advertisers was created, and how to use new trending queries and broad match as a business development tactic?

In addition, the Bing ads team also shared three key uses for new Trending Queries and share a strategy to set up Broad Match.

The webcast can be viewed here (registration required).

Also, you can download an ebook version of new Trending Query and Broad Match content here.