Discover Trending News on LinkedIn Feed Through 'Trending Storylines'

Now, in addition to your main LinkedIn Feed, you'll have access to new Trending Storylines.

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Trending Storylines on LinkedIn, a daily curated interest-based feeds about the most important developing stories in the industry is launched on Wednesday—help to discover and discuss news, ideas and diverse perspectives from the largest group of professionals, publishers and editorial voices ever assembled.

"Trending Storylines is personalized by a combination of algorithms and editorial team include multiple perspectives, ranging from relevant Influencers and news publishers to people in your network, so you can quickly access diverse opinions, find new voices to follow and join the conversation," writes LinkedIn.

Each trending storyline is associated with a unique hashtag, that makes it easier to join the conversation and add take on. As the conversations evolve, you will be seeing latest perspectives.

In future, LinkedIn says, it'll allow users to start following people and topics within storylines and their LinkedIn Feed will increasingly reflect professional interests.

Trending Storylines are located under the Trending tab on mobile homescreen, while on desktop, it's at the top right of the homepage.

Users in the U.S. will start seeing Trending Storylines today onwards. And, expand to other countries soon.

Trending Storylines on LinkedIn Feed

In the video below, you can see how Trending Storylines work in real-time:

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