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Digg Newswire Beta Launches To Help Promote Breaking Stories

Digg released a new service ‘Newswire’ beta, that help users both find and break upcoming news and is the first time that Digg is showing who ‘buried’ an article since the release of Digg Version 4. Newswire will essentially fast-track an article to the homepage of Digg, but will also give users more power to regulate upcoming stories.

“When you come to Digg you’ll see Newswire Beta on the top navigation. Click it! You’ll arrive on the Digg Newswire, which gives you the tools to shape the breaking stories on Digg. While stories arrives on Top News every ten minutes, news appears in the Newswire in real-time: submit an article and it’ll immediately be at the top of Recent within Newswire. As the story is Dugg, it’ll move up in the Trending rank within Newswire,” explains Digg.


Other features of Newswire include customizable sorting and displays that can be tailored to each user and an in-page update system. The updating system operates much like Twitter in alerting users when new stories have been added.

“While the Newswire storylists are updated in real-time, it also has a real-time Activity Feed which shows what other Diggers are doing in the Newswire. When you are inside the Newswire, your Diggs and your buries will show up in that module. There is also a full page version of the Newswire Activity Feed which is a great list of stories Diggers are discovering,” Digg added.

“If you Digg or bury on other parts of Digg (be it Top News, a story’s comments page, or My News) they’ll not show up in the Newswire Activity Feed. Your actions outside of the Newswire will still impact Newswire Trending, but activity within the Newswire is given a much higher weight: with transparency comes influence.”

A big part of picking the best stories on Digg is finding them, and the Newswire comes equipped with a variety of tools to fuel your discovery expeditions.

[Source: Digg]

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