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If you are running an NGO, Google shared some tips about using visual storytelling to create great social content. The talk involved using different types of visual content on Google+, from photos to videos to maps.Also, Google for Nonprofits team talked about managing a successful and engaging Google+ page, and +Google for Nonprofits' strategies for […]

Facebook shared its 2011 carbon footprint, energy mix and energy use for data centers and global offices. "We're releasing this data because we believe in the power of openness, and because we hope that adding another data point to our collective understanding of our industry's environmental impact will help us all keep improving," Facebook said."The […]

Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, Director Tim Rains, asked Mark Estberg, a senior director in Microsoft's Global Foundation Services, (who works in the group responsible for managing the security of Microsoft's data centers) about the physical security of the data centers hosting Microsoft's cloud services.Estberg said the in the data centers at Microsoft "we provide increasing levels […]

If you ever wondered what what happens and where your message goes after you hit "send?" How does an email travel from your computer to your friend's smartphone across the country or around the world?To answere these and other such questions, Google created a new web site entitled "Story of Send," that gives a behind-the-scenes […]

Facebook officialy announced today that its new data center in Forest City, North Carolina, is now online and serving live user traffic. "Our Forest City data center will be the first live test of the Open Compute Project's outdoor-air cooling designs in an environment where temperature and humidity conditions are considered to be outside the […]

Microsoft has announced the immediate availability of two new data centers for Windows Azure to its U.S. based customers. Datacenter located in new Eastern U.S. and a Western U.S. facility are now offered for compute and storage. Compute and storage resources are available in both the "West US" and "East US" locations. Microsoft plans to […]

Google Flight Search now lets globetrotters search for destinations outside the U.S. Now, you can find flights, including international destinations, from the U.S. quickly and conveniently.A quick click over each city on the map will show the different options available to you almost instantly -- and click the chart next to the dates to show […]

In this developer-focused video discussion, Mark Aggar, Senior Director of IT Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft, and Grigori Melnik, Program Manager in the Patterns and Practices group, share insights and recommendations about building energy efficient applications for the cloud.Grigori's team has made WASABI--an autoscaling application block for Windows Azure.If you're a Windows Azure developer, you should […]

Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) published another installment of videos helping you learn about the System Center 2012. In this part of the learning videos:The first video entitle "System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Overview and Infrastructure - Application Management Part 1" helps you learn the basics of application management in System Center Configuration Manager 2012. See […]