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CSS Secrets “Curvy corners, vertical floats and more”

Dave Minter made a post “You are not alone. None of the rest of us can fathom CSS either,” he goes on a little rant that covers:

  1. Curvy corners
  2. Vertical floats
  3. Formatting for forms
  4. Floats within elements
  5. Graphical Buttons
  6. Column support
  7. Order Independence
  8. Widths on inline elements
  9. Addressing text within textareas
  10. A pony

On the other side we have 10 principles of the CSS masters by Glen Stansberry that covers:

  1. Keep CSS simple – Peter-Paul Koch
  2. Keep CSS declarations in one line – Jonathan Snook
  3. Use CSS shorthand – Roger Johansson
  4. Allow block elements to fill space naturally – Jonathan Snook
  5. Set a float to clear a float – Trevor Davis
  6. Use negative margins – Dan Cederholm
  7. Use CSS to center layouts – Dan Cederholm
  8. Use the right DOCTYPE – Jeffrey Zeldman
  9. Center Items with CSS – Wolfgang Bartelme
  10. Utilize text-transform commands – Trenton Moss

And in other CSS news, Microsoft is getting nice, and is moving to -ms-* as vendor prefixes on CSS.

Source:→ Ajaxian

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