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Create Google-friendly Site Using Webmaster Academy; Business Photos in India; 90 Regional Finalists of Google Science Fair 2012; SketchUp Showcase; Rewritten Java Library Announced

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Google Webmaster Academy introduced today, aimed to help businesses create webt sites that perform well in Google search results. Webmaster Academy will walk you through the information you need to get your site up and running with Google in easy to understand steps.

"For example, the Academy has information about how Google Search works and how to create a great website for your users, along with information on how to use great (and free!) diagnostic tools such as Webmaster Tools. It's divided up into easy, short lessons so you can track your progress. At the end of every lesson you'll be one step closer to having a great website." explains Garen Checkly, Search Quality Team.

For your site to perform well in search, Google needs to be able to discover and understand your pages. Be sure to check out the Webmaster Academy to create rich, Google-friendly content.

Webmaster Academy Helps creating Google search optimized sites

Here is an explanation of how Google Search works?

In other Google news, Business Photos, a pilot project currently running in select cities worldwide to take 360-degree photographs of businesses interiors -- is launched in India as well.

"Starting with Hyderabad and rolling out to several other cities. The photographs are shot by Google appointed photographers who work directly with the business owner to arrange a time to do the photo shoot. The images will show prospective customers the interiors, decor, merchandise -- and all of this will be done at no cost to the business owner. The panoramic photos will appear alongside other still photos on a business' Place Page and can help potential customers get a better sense of what an establishment has to offer and if they'd like to visit it in person," Google said.

If you'd like your business to be considered for a visit from Google's photographers, you can learn more and express your interest by filling out this form.

Google Science Fair 2012 90 regional finalists announced

Also, Google announced the 90 regional finalists of the second Google Science Fair 2012.

These top 90 entries from around the world represent some incredibly innovative and groundbreaking science.

"We had thousands of entries from more than 100 countries, and topics ranging from improving recycling using LEGO robots to treating cancer with a substance created by bees to tackling meth abuse. Our judges were impressed by the quality of the projects, and it was no easy task to evaluate the creativity, scientific merit and global relevance of each submission to narrow down the entries to just 90 finalists," posted Google.

Also, Google today unveiled a new "SketchUp Showcase," a home for the most impressive, interesting, and inspiring project stories that have been shared.

"The Showcase is also a first look at a new element of SketchUp technology: an online 3D model viewer. This 3D viewer lets you orbit, zoom, and pan 3D models right in your browser! To see it in action, find a project marked with a red flag or simply click here. Please note: you'll need to use the latest version of Google Chrome to take advantage of the WebGL goodness that makes this viewer possible," Google said.

google sketchup showcase

google now supporting new from-scratch rewrite of the java library

Finally, Google now officially supporting a new from-scratch rewrite of the Java Library! "It is now production-ready and is no longer experimental. The new library will be the primary focus of development moving forward," posted Kevin Winter, AdWords API Team.

"The existing AdWords and DFP java libraries are now in maintenance mode and we will continue to add support for new AdWords and DFP API releases for the near future," Winter adds.

New features in the rewritten library include:

  • Product level support for AdWords, DFA and DFP with shared common layer code.
  • Library is now hosted on Maven.
  • OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.0 support.
  • Uses the SLF4J logging facade.
  • More control over building your session, providing authentication and more.
  • Experimental AppEngine support via JAX-WS.

Check out the migration guide.