Create Episodic Viewing Experience with Pinterest Explore

By offering your best content in a space tailored to appeal to Pinners viewing it, your content will be hard to miss, providing a unique opportunity to meet your business goals.

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Promoted Video, one of the best formats for showing Pinners how their ideas will work, now have another option to express their brand story via a new section of Pinterest called 'Explore.'

Pinterest has been testing a new auto-play version of Promoted Video, which was launched less than 3 months ago, that "makes your video jumps right into action as soon as a Pinner discovers it," writes Jenny Chiu.

In other words, with this new experience, brands can create an episodic viewing experience, or a playlist of additional videos that run alongside the primary video. With this series of ideas, when a person is done watching the first video, the next will start playing automatically.

We recently started testing this engaging new format with a handful of businesses and agencies in the US and UK—including American Express, The Home Depot, Macy's and Sony Pictures, with more to come!

These auto-play version of Promoted Video will now appear in the new section "Pinterest Explore," which on every day presents picks from the best ideas using a combination of what Pinners are loving today and what's happening in the world around us, Chiu said.

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