Closed Captions Comes to Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook now support closed captions on Live broadcasts — a milestone in making video on Facebook accessible to all members of the community.

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Facebook Live adds Closed Captions support

Facebook is helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience live videos now allowing publishers to include closed captions in Facebook Live.

Publishers already can add captions to non-live videos when uploading on to Facebook Pages, and can use speech recognition service to automatically generate captions for videos on their Pages. Now, with this update, publishers using the Live API can now add CEA-608 standard closed captions to Live broadcasts. People who have captioning settings turned on will automatically see closed captions on Live broadcasts on mobile and desktop, whenever they're available.

Additionally, publishers who don't create own live closed captions via a CEA-608 can generate and insert real-time closed captions into their Live broadcasts with third-party captioning companies.

For information on how to add closed captions to Facebook Live broadcasts, click here.

For more details on how to add closed captions, check this help article, and for accessibility features and settings, visit this page.

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