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Chrome 13: New Capabilities Introduced to ‘Content Scripts and Proxy Management’

In Chrome 13, Google added some new capabilities to content scripts and proxy management, Tessa MacDuff and Mihai Parparita, Software Engineers blogged today over at Chromium blog.

According to blog post, First, “you can now make cross-origin XMLHttpRequest calls with the privileges of the extension directly from your content script. You’ll no longer need to relay these requests through a background page; this should simplify your code. In some cases, it may even eliminate your need to use a background page.”

Second, “we improved how match patterns work. In Chrome 13 you can now also specify an exclude_matches array, where you can indicate the pages in which your content scripts should not work. This should allow more precise targeting of your content script,” stated MacDuff and Parparita.

Finally, “added support for the @run-at command for imported Greasemonkey scripts, so you can control when your script is loaded in the same way you’ve been able to do for content scripts. Running scripts at different points in a page’s lifecycle can enable additional functionality.”

In addition, “with Proxy Extension API, you can now configure Chrome’s proxy settings by choosing from several options including auto detection, the host OS’s system default, PAC scripts or fixed ProxyRules. These new configuration options allow for more fine grained proxy controls, which we invite you to try out,” MacDuff and Parparita added.

There are already several 3rd party extensions available in the Chrome Web Store that showcase the API and its new capabilities, including Proxy Anywhere and Proxy SwitchyPlus.

[Source: Chrominum blog]

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