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Google’ Adds New Tools to Meaure Impact of Creative Storytelling Videos on YouTube

New tools aims to help content creators test and measure the impact of YouTube videos.

Google Launches FIFA World Cup Tools Across Platform Including Search

Google helps kick off FIFA World Cup 2018 watch-a-thon with tools to keep track of what’s happening on and off the pitch.

‘YouTube Music’ New Google Music Streaming Service Coming On May 22

YouTube Red rebraded as YouTube Premium includes ad-free, background play and offline download across all of YouTube and YouTube Music Streaming Service.

YouTubes’ ‘Time Watched Profile’ to Show Users Time Spend Watching Videos

Time watched profile shows daily average watch time and how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past 7 days.

Google Targets Users of YouTube TV With New Ad Type

A new ad type designed to help brands reach YouTube audiences on TV screens across content and devices is launched.

YouTube Removed 8+ Million Spam Videos in Quarter of 2017

YouTube removed 8.3 Million videos for violating guidelines in Q3 of 2017, mostly spam or people attempting to upload adult content.

YouTube’s TrueView for Reach Let Advertisers Buy Ads Based on Reach

Optimized for efficient reach, this format can help raise awareness among a broad set of customers.

Notes and Recommendations Plus More Performance Features Coming New AdWords

Several productivity updates including ability to note important changes for the new AdWords UI.

YouTube to Stike Down Harmful Content Creators

These consequences will only strike in a rare handful of egregious cases, but will also help prevent the actions of a few from harming the broader community.

YouTubes’ Policy for Creator Ad Monetization Updates

Each video in YPP will be scrutinized by human reviewers, while the bar for joining the program raises to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time.

Google Launches Centralized Account Management and More for Analytics Products

New controls available to everyone using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Optimize and improving navigation for users of Surveys and Data Studio.

New Tools to Connect and Measure YouTube Ads Impact Announced

New Custom Affinity Audiences, Director Mix and more tools to help capture the attention of audience on YouTube launched.

Creators Studio App Refreshes, Now Called YouTube Studio App

YouTube Studio app refreshes adds scheduled post, subscriber count card, more. Earn extra money with YouTube Game sponsorships.

YouTube iOS App Updates to Allow Live Streaming User’s Screen

Google’s YouTube app for iOS updates with the ability to live stream iPhone or iPad screens.

Material Design, New Logo & Features Rolls Out to YouTube

A new level of functionality like gesutres, and a more consistent material design look across desktop and mobile live on YouTube.

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