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Twitter Only Certified Advertisers Allowed to Run Political Ads, Intro New Election Labels

Twiiter’s new election policy now let only certified advertisers to run political campaigning ads. Political advertisers can apply now for certification.

Twitters’ Behavioral Analysis Filter Out Negative Tweets, Adds New #Ramadan Hashtags, More

Twitter proactively address disruptive behaviors that negatively impact the health of conversation. Adds new Ramadan hashtags and live shows.

Twitter PWA Adds Extended Character Limit Plus More On Windows 10

Twitter Windows 10 app enhances in-app experience with unique UWP differentiators like share integration, more, while building from a common core of web code.

‘Timestamps’ A New Way to Share Live Videos on Twitter

With Timestamps, now we can show rather than just tell everyone what’s happening.

Bookmarks New Way to Save and Share Tweets Rolls Out Globally

Bookmarks an easier way of saving and sharing tweets for later revisit without having to like them.

Twitter Adds New Threads Feature Makes it Easy to Send Tweetstorms of Multiple Tweets

You can now connect your thoughts and publish your threaded Tweets all at the same time.

Twitter Bring More Transparency to Ads with New Advertising Transparency Center

Twitter increasing transparency for all ads including political ads and issue-based ads.

Increase your Website Visits with Twitter’s New Video Website Card

Advertisers can elect to run this creative unit on the video views, website clicks, or awareness objectives to optimize and pay for the action they care about the most.

Twitter Begin Testing 280 Characters Tweets in English and More Languages

Soon English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French users will be able express themselves with 280 characters Tweets.

New ‘Popular Articles’ Feature Highlights Stories Connections are Tweeting

Twitter’s new Popular Articles shows top articles shared by the people in your network buzzing about.

New Twitter Direct Message Card Help Discovery Bots & Other Personalized Customer Experiences

Direct Message Card provide brands with additional tools to create new ways of engaging and building deeper relationships with their audiences on Twitter.

Twitter’s Custom Hearts Help to Amplify Campaign Through Live Video

Now, via Custom Hearts, Periscope hearts can be tailored to a brand’s campaign, opening up an organic way for branded content to be present throughout a live video.

Twitter Lite with Data Saver Mode for Slower Mobile Web Launches Globally

With Twitter Lite, we are making Twitter more accessible to millions of people—all you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

Twitter Enable Sharing Locations in Direct Messages

Helping people find a location nearby makes perfect sense for brick-and-mortar businesses.