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Google Intro New Ramadan Search, Qibla Finder, Qalam Greetings Web App

Searching for prayer times, recipes and entertainment easier now with new Ramadan Google Search experience, plus new Qibla Finder app and Qalam Geetings web app launched.

Bing Expands Intelligent Answers Coverage Now Show Up to 5 Sources

In May update, Bing Search is expanding intelligent answer coverage, updates hotel booking, homepage photo contest, and more.

New Bing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capabilities for Microsoft Cognitive Services Unveiled

These exciting new additions as part of Cognitive Services, will enable developers to leverage insights and easily create compelling Bing AI driven apps for customers

Recipe Structured Markup Data Update for Google Assistant & Search

Updated Structured Data Properties provide more information about recipe to users and higher quality traffic to websites.

Google Wants Structred Data Present On Job Posting

Those violating job posting guidelines will receive a manual action that will result in removal of a site from the job search on Google.

Google Expands Predictions Removed from Autocomplete Search

Autocomplete search reduces typing by about 25 percent and saves over 200 years of typing time per day.

Google Launches “More Results” Button for Mobile Searches

“More results” button makes it easier & faster to get more search results on mobile.

Google Movie Search Card Adds Ratings, Showtimes in India and US

Revamped movies search experience enabled new features such as reviews and shortcuts to buy tickets.

Hire by Google Adds ‘Candidate Discovery’, Now Search & Share GIFs with Google Images

Hire byf Google Adds Candidate DiscoveryHire byf Google Adds Candidate Discovery

Hire by Google, a new recruiting app that integrates with G Suite has now added a new capability in beta that makes recruiting easier with “candidate discovery.”

Candidate discovery, a new intuitive search feature that saves recruiters time as the can now quickly create a short list of past …

Bing Intelligent Search Features Adds Facts from Multiple Sources

Bing’s AI-powered intelligent search capabilities adds facts from multiple sources among other improvements.

Google Search Now Shows Latest Posts’ from Verified Musicians

Hear latest update directly from artists or musicians through a post directly in the Google Search resutls.

Bing Adds Multi-Perspective Answers Powered By Intelligent Search

Bing explains new intelligent search technology often referred to as sentiment analysis, of what Google calls Featured Snippets.

Google Testing Near-matches and More than One Featured Snippets

Featured snippets will never be absolutely perfect, just as search results overall will never be absolutely perfect.