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Google Launches FIFA World Cup Tools Across Platform Including Search

Google helps kick off FIFA World Cup 2018 watch-a-thon with tools to keep track of what’s happening on and off the pitch.

Google News Deprecated Several Features Like, Tags, Crawl Errors, Schema Guidelines, More

Google News deprecates tags, schema guideline, crawl errors report in Search Console & mobile app link in News Publisher Center.

Google News Now Using AI and ML to Group Related Stories Together in Real-time

Redesigned Google News uses real-time AI and /ML to organize the news in related stories together.

Subscribe with Google New GNI Program for Monetizing Content

A simple way to subscribe to news sites and maintain access everywhere: websites, apps, even search results.

Google News Improves Article Labels Accuracy with New ‘Trust Indicators’ Schema Tags

New “Type of Work” indicator to improve the accuracy of article labels in Google News.

Google-IFCN to Train More Fact-checkers Globally

Google partners with Poynter to train more news fact checkers globally, so content on Search and News has been accurately fact checked.

Google iOS App Now Suggest Related Content – Cloud Search Now Using NLP

While viewing a web page a carousel fo related content suggestions appear when you reach the bottom of a webpage. Cloud Search bring the power of NLP to G Suite.

Experience the World with Street View in Google Earth VR – Community Updates Under “Local” tab on Google News

You can now experience an immersive 360° imagery with Street View in Google Earth VR. Chrome 64 to add new autoplay media controls. Google News nring Community Updates.

Story Spheres, A New Journalism Tool on Google News Lab Launches

Story Sphere, a new tool for enhancing 360 images that lets you position audio within a scene, to easily create interactive experiences.

Google News Rebooted, Easier Fact Check Content Sharing

Google News redesigned with a renewed focus on facts, diverse perspectives, and provide more control to users.

Google Adds 200 More News Stories in News & Weather on Mobile

More Headlines in Google News & Weather rolling out over the coming days on iOS and Android.

New Smarter More Beautiful Google Play Newsstand Now Available as a Web App

Google Play Newsstand evolve just got better and video is more visible and integral, aligning with AMP. It also offers ever better user experiences and more monetisation opportunities for publishers.

Google Adds Enhanced AMP Testing Tool, Share Button in Search Console, New ‘Fact check’ Tag in News

Search Console now has an enhanced AMP testing tool and a share test result snapshot feature available in the Google Webmasters Tools. Google News articles with ClaimReview markup will have Fact Check tag.

Google News Now More Local in India, Intro Lite Mode, and Re-imagined YouTube Go

Google News Lite mode brings faster news on slower networks. YouTube Gpo reimagined as with “video recommendations, offline first, cost-effective, and connecting you with the people.”

‘Local Source’ Tag on Google News Putting a Spotlight on Local News Launched

Google News has launched a “Local Source” Tag to surface local coverage of major stories.

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