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Bing Ads Editor for Mac Adds Shared Labels Library Plus More Features

Bing Ads Editor for Mac’s shared labels library let you create one shared label and then add that label to multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.

Bing Ads Disallow Cryptocurrency Advertising On Its Platform

Bing Ads disallow advertising for cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency related products, and un-regulated binary options.

Bing Ads’ Google AdWords Tool Gets New Import Features

Google Import now adds more items to bring over from AdWords, adds new advanced import optons and more.

Reach Audience With New Microsoft New Audience Network & Audience Ads

MSAN powered by machine learning guides’ on audience segmentation, engagement prediction, personalized offer selection, and return on investment management.

Bing Shopping Now Support UET Tags, Multiple Images and More

New tools aims to help optimizing and maintaining shopping campaigns.

Bing Ads Enable Price Extensions in US

Advertisers can directly show their potential customers the product or service on Bing Search results.

Account Level Ad Extensions Support for Bing Ads Editor Released

Manage account level ad extension associations starting with Callout Extensions. Drive more volume with exact match close variants updates.

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Bing Retires Sidebar Text Ads on Desktop Search Results

Bing is removing text ads from the sidebar in desktop search results.

Bing Ads Editor Gets Labels for Dynamic Search Ads

Manage your DSAs more efficiently with shared labels have become available in Bing Ads Editor.

Conversion Tracking on Bing Ads Now Report More Accurately on Apples’ Intelligent Tracking Prevention

Advertisers now requred to enable auto-tagging of Click ID “for accurate conversion tracking”.

Bing Ads’ Gets Audience Segmentation Feature

Audience Segmentation helps easily get deeper insights into audiences from Remarketing in Paid Search, In-market Audiences, and Custom Audiences.

Bing Ads’ Exact Match Close Variants Now Include Reordered Keywords

Exact match keywords will match to queries with the same exact keyword tokens.

Bing Ads Adds Support for Offline Call Conversions Import

Now import your call conversions in Bing Ads with Offline Conversion Import tool.