BUILD: 4M Windows 8 Software Upgrades Sold; Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and New Dev Center Available!

AT BUILD 2012, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that since Friday, October 25, of Windows 8 General Availability, the company has already "sold four million Windows 8 software upgrades."Further, Ballmer said, the company has already shipped "tens of millions of copies" to its partners. The "level of interest and enthusiasm" for Windows 8 and the […]

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AT BUILD 2012, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer revealed that since Friday, October 25, of Windows 8 General Availability, the company has already "sold four million Windows 8 software upgrades."

Further, Ballmer said, the company has already shipped "tens of millions of copies" to its partners. The "level of interest and enthusiasm" for Windows 8 and the Surface, Ballmer said, has been "stunning" and people, he said, definitely want to learn more about it.

For Windows Phone 8, he said "these are the phones you want to own if you own a Windows 8 system." "The Windows Phone form factor, will give people the best screens, cameras and other features," Ballmer added.

Ballmer said, this new Windows ecosystem will open up a number of new opportunities to developers, not in the least because of the new Windows Store that will make it easier for developers to market their apps. "We built this in a way that consumers will love and that you, as developers, can take advantage of."

Windows Phone 8 Developer Platform including a new SDK "Windows Phone 8.0 SDK" and a refreshed Dev Center now open for Windows Phone 8 app submissions -- "delivering close alignment with Windows 8 via a common core."

The new Windows Phone 8 SDK "enhances the platform opportunity with new developer features such as support for native code and in-app purchases. With users' rising expectation of apps, games and experiences that span multiple devices and form factors, we're giving developers the ability to use their existing knowledge, skills and code to reach hundreds of millions of Windows users," Microsoft stated.

"Moving to a common Windows core meant that almost every major underlying subsystem had to change. For example, for the .NET Framework, we moved from using .NET CF to Core CLR, two different versions of the Framework that forked from each other over five years ago," Micorosoft stated.

New Dev Center open for Windows Phone 8 app submissions

"This gives developers far more capability. Our colleagues in the Developer Division have two new blogs posts that go into more details on new tools and .NET enhancements."

This investment, in turn, "allows developers to take advantage of support for native C++ programming, familiar tools, and common APIs to target phones, PCs, and tablets for an estimated combined opportunity of roughly 500 million units next year," Microsoft added.

More than 90 percent of the things you asked for, we added "You told us you wanted native code, in-app-purchase, and more ways to reuse and port code--done, done, and done".

"The expansion of phone hardware options and Windows Phone Store to 191 markets equates to a 90 percent increase in addressable market for your apps in 2012."

As an added incentive, for the next 8 days individual developers can register for a Dev Center account for just $8 (a 92 percent savings).

"You'll be charged $99 USD or equivalent in your local currency, and we'll refund the difference in the next 30 to 45 days," Microsoft adds.

Finally, attendees also received a 32gb Microsoft Surface RT, a Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8, 100GB of free SkyDrive storage, in addition to above deals.

You can get the new Windows Phone 8.0 SDK here. And the Dev Center here for guidance on how to get started with the new SDK.

Also, Microsoft //build session mentions "Microsoft Design Language" as the newest way to refer to the design language and tiled style formerly known as "Metro."

Microsoft Design Language seems to be the way to refer to the look and feel/UX, but it isn't the replacement for what formerly was known as "Metro-Style" -- meaning applications built around the WinRT application programming interface (API). Metro-Style's replacement is "Windows Store," as in "Netflix has built a Windows Store app for Windows 8."

You can watch //build live here.

Update 10/31: Windows Phone Developer receiving open-source resources in the following categories:

  • Tools: Development environments, utilities, frameworks, and libraries to help you build, generate, and debug apps during the development process.
  • UI components: UI elements like list controls, button, charting, and other visual components,
  • Web API: Cloud-based services like notification, mapping, back-end processing, ad networks, and leaderboard services that developers can consume through a web API.

Here are the open source communities pledges their support for Windows Phone 8:

Cocos 2D and Ogre3D projects:

jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch theme for Windows Phone 8:

new jQuery Mobile theme for Windows phone 8:

Also, showcased, following Windows apps:

  • Disney's Phineas and Ferb game, "Agent P Strikes Back", aka Perry the Platypus, on Windows 8, and forthcoming on Windows Phone 8, showcases how easily browser-based games can become Windows Store apps. Disney developed the game for Windows 8 by taking advantage of Windows 8 HTML5 support as well as built-in capabilities like in-game sharing and support for an Xbox controller via USB. "Agent P Strikes Back" is the first of a series of games that Disney will bring to the Windows 8 platform, including the hit mobile games "Where's My Water?" and "Where's My Perry?".
  • Dropbox's new Windows Store app, coming soon, offers a cloud based storage and synchronization service for photos, documents and videos on Windows 8.
  • ESPN previewed a Windows Store app that re-imagines the ESPN experience with aggregated news, scores and video as well as ESPN The Magazine, ESPN podcasts and photo galleries. With Windows 8, ESPN's app allows fans to pin specific sports and teams to their Start Screen.
  • The LEGO Group will deliver LEGO Life of George, the award winning game that combines real LEGO Bricks and a smart device, with new unique features on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. With LEGO Life of George, the LEGO Group is using Windows on mobile devices to explore the next frontier of childrens' play, combining the physical world of LEGO bricks, the virtual and networked experiences and a child's imagination and creativity.
  • NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently released a number of free experiences on PCs, Windows Phone and Xbox geared for inspiration and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Making learning and discovery accessible, NASA's Mars Exploration Program has now released "NASA Be A Martian" and "Mars Rover: Curiosity" as free Mars-related apps for Windows 8 PCs.
  • PayPal's Windows 8 API enables developers to use the PayPal payment system within their Windows Store apps for simple and secure commerce activities for the more than 100 million active PayPal users. Crowdstar's free Windows 8 game, Fish With Attitude, uses PayPal in-app purchases of game characters.
  • Unity, the cross-platform game engine and development environment, is deep into development on the Windows Phone 8 add-on which will give game developers the power to deploy new and existing games to Windows Phone 8.
  • AutoDesk's AutoCAD app alongside SketchBook, the company's immersive and touch-centric Windows Store app.

Tools, cross-platform frameworks, HTML5, libraries, and UI:

  • Adobe PhoneGap framework (aka Apache Cordova) is coming to Windows Phone 8. //Build attendees can visit Adobe on the Expo floor.
  • appMobi added support today for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.
  • Appcelerator announced its plans to deliver Titanium, its app development solution for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, in the first half of 2013.
  • Scrirra Construct 2, an HTML5 game engine that lets you build games without writing code, now targets Windows Phone 8.
  •'s HTML5 development framework called Forge, now targets Windows Phone 8.
  • YoYo GameMaker: Studio, an HTML5-based game development tool, is opening its Beta program for Windows Phone 8 soon. See the details.
  • SQLite, cross-platform, open-source database engine is now available on Windows Phone 8.
  • Sencha is announcing its Sencha Touch UI HTML5 framework, now supporting Windows Phone 8.
  • A new jQuery Mobile theme for Windows Phone 8 is available.
  •'s HTML5 development framework, Forge, now targetsWindows Phone 8.

C#/XAML development support Windows Phone 8:

  • MVVM Light Toolkit gets a fresh new version that supports Windows Phone 8. Read the details on Laurent Bugnion's blog.
  • Telerik today released a new version of its RadControls, with new, unique controls for Windows Phone 8. //Build attendees can visit Telerik on the Expo floor.
  • Infragistics now includes Windows Phone 8 support with its NetAdvantage offering. //Build attendees can visit Infragistics on the Expo floor
  • XAML Spy, the visual runtime inspector debugging tool from First Floor Software, adds support for Windows Phone 8 today.
  • Xamarin releases Xamarin.Mobile, a single API developers can use for common device services like contacts, camera, and geolocation, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 support. //Build attendees can visit Xamarin on the Expo floor

Web API, back ends as a service, cloud services

  • Cloud-based service providers are essential for developers to be able to expand app capabilities, connect users and scale, promote and monetize, analyze usage, and track issues. Today at //Build, we're presenting the partners who are aligning with Windows Phone 8 in this area.
  • Adduplex app promotion service and control is available for Windows Phone 8 today.
  • Bugsense, real-time error reporting and quality metrics for app health is available for Windows Phone 8.
  • Buddy's back end as a service for cloud-connected mobile apps has a fresh edition of its SDK for Windows Phone 8.
  • Crittercism, a cross platform, real-time diagnostics and crash analysis service launches Windows Phone 8 support. //Build attendees can visit Crittercism on the Expo floor.
  • Flurry Analytics service, which lets developers measure audience reach, engagement, retention, conversions, and more, announced support for Windows Phone 8 coming this quarter. //Build attendees can visit Flurry on the Expo floor
  • Push.IO cloud-based push notification and user segmentation service is ready for Windows Phone 8.
  • Photon Cloud real-time, multiplayer cloud service from Exit Games releases a new SDK for Windows Phone 8 today.,
  • Smaato advertising platform, through which developers can access over 90 ad networks worldwide, has expanded its Smaato SDK to support Windows Phone 8,
  • UrbanAirship will announce tomorrow its beta push messaging support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices. //Build attendees can visit UrbanAirship on the Expo floor.