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BSA “Piracy killed the radio star”

It turns out that all of the world’s problems could be resolved by stamping out piracy, or so goes the story from the Business Software Alliance. The BSA – “Be prepared [to intimidate people into slobbering submission]” – never met an alleged software pirate that it didn’t hate, and believes that piracy has a huge negative impact on the global economy, including the US economy. In fact, it paid (commissioned) IDC to come up with the following numbers:

If the amount of software piracy in the US were to be reduced by 10 percentage points over the next four years, IDC believes the end result would be $41 billion in economic growth, $7 billion in additional tax revenues, and the creation of over 32,000 new jobs. In countries with higher rates of piracy, the impact would be even greater.

Maybe, maybe not.

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