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Google Apps Vault is now available to existing Google Apps and Google Apps for Education customers.Until today, Apps Vault was available only to new and recent Apps customers, but as on December 18, "all existing Apps customers that purchased Google Apps online, directly from Google are eligible for Vault, as well as Google Apps for […]

YouTube App for Nintendo Wii brings the YouTube videos and channels to the gaming console in the U.S. and is available from the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel.The app uses 360p WebM video encoding to make video playback smooth. "With the largest install base of current generation consoles, YouTube on Wii is the largest deployment of […]

Shared budgets, a new Google AdWords feature lets advertisers establish a single daily budget "shared by multiple campaigns in an AdWords account.""Using shared budgets allows automatic adjustments across campaigns, so you don't have to constantly monitor and change individual campaign budgets throughout the day," Google stated.Adding, the company said, you can now replace individual campaign […]

Google in a blog post published its findings of comparision of the amount of computation available to NASA engineers in 1969 versus what's available now stated, "It takes about the same amount of computing to answer one Google Search query as all the computing done -- in flight and on the ground -- for the […]

To help its users tap into the growing Google+ community -- Google today, introduced a new tab called "Google+" in the Blogger dashboard. To get started, click the "Google+" tab in the Blogger dashboard and then the "Upgrade" button. If you've already upgraded to Google+, we'll help you associate your blog with your profile […]