Bing's Top 2009 Search List 'Perez Hilton, Megan Fox, Michael Jackson' Tops

Microsofthas posted the complete list of the “top 2009 searches” on Bing search engine:Top Male Celebrities1            Perez Hilton2            Robert Pattinson3            Jon Gosselin4            Howard Stern5            Brad Pitt                  Top Female Celebrities 1            Megan Fox2            Kim Kardashian3            Kate Gosselin4            Jennifer Aniston5            Kristen Stewart                Top Musicians 1            Michael Jackson2            Susan Boyle3            Taylor Swift4            Chris Brown5            Adam Lambert              […]

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Microsofthas posted the complete list of the “top 2009 searches” on Bing search engine:

Top Male Celebrities

1            Perez Hilton

2            Robert Pattinson

3            Jon Gosselin

4            Howard Stern

5            Brad Pitt


 Top Female Celebrities

1            Megan Fox

2            Kim Kardashian

3            Kate Gosselin

4            Jennifer Aniston

5            Kristen Stewart


 Top Musicians

1            Michael Jackson

2            Susan Boyle

3            Taylor Swift

4            Chris Brown

5            Adam Lambert


 Top Electronics

1            iPod

2            iPhone

3            Zune

4            Laptops

5            Blackberry


 Top TV Shows

1            American Idol

2            Dancing With The Stars

3            Oprah

4            Hannah Montana

5            Biggest Loser

Top Travel Destinations

1            Las Vegas

2            Napa

3            Hawaii

4            Boston

5            Universal Studios


 Top Political Figures

1            Rush Limbaugh

2            Barack Obama

3            Michael Savage

4            Sarah Palin

5            Michelle Obama


 Top Movies

1            Twilight

2            New Moon

3            Harry Potter

4            Transformers

5            Star Trek


 Top Car Brands

1            Ford

2            Nissan

3            Chevrolet

4            BMW

5            Dodge


 Top Sports Teams

1            New York Yankees

2            Pittsburgh Steelers

3            Chicago Cubs

4            Boston Red Sox

5            Philadelphia Phillies

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