Bing Rolls Out Modern, Faster Image Search, Places Images in the Spotlight

Bing Rolls Out Modern, Faster Image Search, Places Images in the Spotlight; Simple Search Tips and Tricks for Holidays and Winter

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Bing Image Search's modern experience gets a brand new way making it faster "or more simple" to explore imagery on Bing. Starting today, when you click an image, "the new design loads quickly placing the image center stage thus saving you time by eliminating of loading a new page or force you to dig through a bunch of clutter," bing wrote.

The new modern experience for Bing Image Search was introduced a few months back, cuts the white-space and clutter to make room for big, beautiful pictures from across the web.

New Modern Bing Image Search

Also, the rebuilt image viewer, which focuses on speed now loads pictures faster, and put the spotlight on the picture and stripe out anything that got in the way. "(W)e "dimmed the lights" around the photo, adding a darker look that makes it easier on the eyes and lets the results shine in high definition. Simply click on the main image to navigate to the original source web page," Bing said.

And, when you want to go back to your results, just click the X to close it. Or, click "View larger" to enter in to the full-screen mode.

The new design also introduces "larger filmstrip" at the bottom of the screen for easier navigation through results. "You can click the big arrows on either side of the picture to go forward or back, or just press the arrow keys ( and ) on your keyboard."

Bing also now let you preview sites before clicking through the search results. For example, "you might find a picture you like and wonder where it came from. With our new Page Snapshot technology, we give you a convenient preview. This lets you see if the webpage is helpful and make sure you trust it before you visit," explains bing.

Bing can also help narrow down results if the current picture isn't quite right, "just click "more sizes" to find a bigger version, or "similar images" to find more pictures like it."

Bing also shared a number of search tips and tricks to help users check those last-minute holiday "to-dos" off your list easier.

  • To search for a perfect tree or for a sleigh ride, search: "Christmas tree farm near <your zipcode>."
  • For favorite show, you can search--for example "Disney On Ice tickets."
  • Ge food and drink recipes, with search terms like "Gingerbread cookie recipe"
  • To find out nearest shipping facility and hours of operation--just search: "Post Office (or FedEx/UPS) hours"
  • Type your tracking number directly into the search box, so you can quickly check the progress.
  • Search: "Best Buy hours" to find out holiday store hours.
  • Searching, for e.g. "Women's Nike shoes under $100" helps set a budget.
  • To navigate a shopping mall, Bing Mall Maps is right there across devices--just search for e.g. "Washington Square Mall, Portland, OR," and then click Mall Map.
  • To check flight status--just type the flight number right into Bing search box.
  • For flight deals--just search for example "Fly from NYC to PSP 12/21 through 12/28"
  • You can find the quickest route to your destination through Bing Maps on your phone, or on your PC. And, to check weather, "just type in the name of your destination or city and the latest forecast will populate right in the search box!," bing adds.

Finally, check the video below, from Cool Mom Picks, outlining top tips for things to do with kids this holiday season: