Bing People Autosuggest Quickly Find the Person You're Looking For

Bing People Autosuggest, made it easier to find the person you're looking for with quick snapshot of the people information below the search bar.

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Bing's new People Autosuggest, help you find the person you're searching for, with Bing now shows you a snapshot view of people with the same name as you type your query, so you can choose select.

Bing People Autosuggest

The new "People Autosuggest" feature allows you to narrow down your search results by offering relevant information on relevant people right under the search box.

"In the milliseconds between keystrokes, Bing lets you narrow down your search by clicking on the correct person. If Bing has information on a person, we let you know by displaying it below the search box. In some instances, multiple people share the same name. When this happens, we'll provide information for the most relevant people with that name, and help you narrow down your search," Bing said.

This feature isn't just for celebrity searches, either - using data like publicly available LinkedIn profiles, you can also narrow your search to just the one colleague or acquaintance you want to learn more about.