Bing Now Explain Story Behind Its Home Page Images in US

Now get a summary of the picture, including map, options to share and download, and gallery of recent homepages image and more.

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Bing Image of the Day: scroll for information on the picture
Bing Image of the Day: Scroll to getting image information

The images on the Bing home page takes you to new places every day—now Bing is offering the meaning behind these unique images of the day as well as a gallery of past featured pictures.

The feature rolled out Tuesday, let user curious about the photo on the front page of Bing, to now simply scroll down the homepage to get the full story behind the Bing image of the day, and a map of the image where it took place.

In the new "Image of the Day section," users will find an expanded story behind each image, along with either a mini-map or a "quick fact."

This new section will also let users to like, share, save, or download the image to use as a desktop wallpaper.

Scroll a little further down the page, there you now see a gallery of "Recent Homepage Images" to catch up on any missed picture. The section get you the stories behind any of the recently used photos, as well as it also let users apply filters such as category, tags, colors and holidays to find past images.

Bing Image of the Day: Expanded story
Bing Image of the Day: Expanded story

The new capabilities are currently live in the US, and later in the month will also launch in eight more countries including UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, France, Brazil, and Japan.

Lastly, Bing says, this is "just the beginning of a wave of updates" planned for this years' release that will provide enhanced information with even more beautiful experience.

Bing Recent Homepage Image Gallery
Bing Recent Homepage Image Gallery

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