Bing 'My Saves' Help Saving Video, Image and Shopping Searches

With the new My Saves searching feature, you can save where you found them by hovering on the video result and clicking ‘Save.'

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Today's world of information overload, doesn't always allow to consume all the content that you come across on a daily basis, now to ensure users don't miss on their interesting stuff, Bing added a new save-for-later feature called "My Saves."

With My Saves search capability, and as long as signed in, "users can easily now stash video, images and shopping searches discoverd on Bing," which can then be "viewed later on a PC or mobile device."

So how exactly this feature work? As Bing explain, as you make a search on Bing and hover over a video search result, a 'Save' icon displays at the bottom, and clicking on the 'Save' icon will save that search item to 'My Saves' located under the settings icon on Bing home page for later view as per you convenience.

The new My Saves search capability also works exacly same for image search results as well.

Bing's shopping searches can also be saved with 'My Saves', now a blue banner above images that reads, 'See shopping results' is displayed, and when it's clicked results will filter to show images of the products you can purchase. You can then save your favorite search results and access them from 'My Saves' at a later time.

And, when you no longer need a saved item, "you can easily delete the relevant searched products."

See the screenshots and video under to see how My Saves feature work:

Bing My Saves search results

Bing My Saves search results

Bing My Saves Shopping Results

Bing My Saves Shopping Results

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