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Bing Maps SDKs for Windows Store Apps; Localizing Apps Using MAT for Visual Studio 2012 Windows Store Apps

Bing Maps SDKs for Windows Store apps released today allowing developers to implement Bing Maps to their “Windows Store apps.”

The has been released in two versions, one for JavaScript developers and another for C#, C++, C# and Visual Basic developers. And, it currenlty only support the verion 1.1.20120927.0 of Bing Maps.

The new SDK comes with added “support for pushpins/polylines/polygons, landmarks, venue maps, traffic and Synth view map style.”

Those developers who are running “any prior: version (or a Beta) must upgrade and rebuild their app with this build to pass the Windows app Certification Kit (WACK) process.”

“This process is required to submit all apps to the store and checks for the latest version of all dependencies to be approved. In most cases this should be as easy as downloading the latest version of the Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps API and recompiling your app,” Bing blogged.

Along with this release, Bing says, it has also created a new Bing Maps key type called ‘Windows Store app.’ “You should use this key type when building new apps with the Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps API. You can get a new Bing Maps key over at Bing Maps Account Center,” bing informs.

“If you created a ‘Windows Metro style app (BETA)’ key that was converted to a Windows Store app Trial key, your key will expire on Jan 15th, 2013 If you already have a non-trial ‘Windows Metro style app’ key, these will automatically be switched over to the new name,” Bing said.

Keep in mind that all Trial Windows Store App Keys created after July 26th 2012 are hardcoded and will expire after 90 days.

localizing windows store apps using multilingual app toolkit for visual studio 2012

Also, Multilingual App Toolkit for Visual Studio 2012 for Windows 8 include a free Express version, which allows you to easily localize your app by yourself, using the Machine Translation Service, or with the help of localizers.

The Multilingual App Toolkit integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8 or Visual Studio Professional 2012 to provide Windows Store apps with translation support, translation file management, and localization editing tools. The toolkit:

  • Helps to verify and note changes in resources over time.
  • Provides a UI for choosing languages.
  • Creates and supports the localization industry-standard XLIFF file format.
  • Provides a pseudo-language engine that helps identify translation issues during development.
  • Connects with the Microsoft Translator for quick translation suggestions.

In addtion, the MAT makes adding and managing translations easy for your all your Windows Store apps. Some benefits include:

  • The ability to quickly expand your customer base and markets with added languages
  • Developers can focus on source language; MAT provides multilingual resource support
  • You can debug localization issues with pseudo translations
  • Microsoft Translator provides translation suggestions for translator editing

multilingual app toolkit for visual studio 2012 for windows store apps: adding new languagesmultilingual app toolkit for visual studio 2012 for windows store apps: generating pseudo translations

For an overview of why localizing your apps is worthwhile, and how to use the Toolkit to make it easy, check out this Windows 8 app developer blog post.

Watch the videos below:

Introduction to the Multilingual App Toolkit

Build Multilingual apps using the Multilingual App Toolkit

Localize Multi-Language apps using the Multilingual App Toolkit:

Below are some useful links to get you started:

According to report, Windows Store has today passed the 3000 app mark. The growth of the Windows Store has been very quick over the last few weeks, as just recently it was reported to have passed 2000 apps.

The report claims, the Windows app store is currently sitting at 3010 apps, which is an awesome number, especially since the OS isn’t slated for launch for another 3 weeks. The report also states that they’ve been seeing around 118 apps added to the store each day, which is great for Microsoft.

Windows Store surpasses 3600 app mark

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