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Bing Maps SDK for Windows 8 Metro Style App Released

Bing today released a new Bing Maps SDK for Metro style apps, which provides a set of controls to help you integrate mapping into your Windows Metro style apps.

If you’ve tried to use the Bing Maps AJAX v7 control in a Metro style app using JavaScript, you’ve likely encountered issues (due to sandboxing of the web context) that make it difficult to consume, according to a blog post on the Bing Maps blog. The new SDK solves those problems:

“With the new SDK, we’re now providing a JavaScript control specifically intended for use within your JavaScript apps. This new control is based on our AJAX v7 control, and thus shares a very similar API, but it’s also been enhanced to work within the local app context. For this beta release, you’ll find support for all of the same map types, pushpins, polylines/polygons, infoboxes, and tile layers as AJAX v7, plus the addition of the Venue Maps module. (Directions, traffic, overlays, and other modules are not yet available, but you can still render data provided by our REST APIs.) For more information on getting started, see Developing a Metro Style App using JavaScript,” explains Bing.

Bing Maps Metrol Style App SDK for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

This release also support building apps using C#, C++, or Visual Basic. As part of the SDK, the first beta release of a new native map control, written in C++, is available, allowing developers to use C#, C++, or Visual Basic and XAML to consume Bing Maps data.

Along with the new controls, Bing also announced a new licensing model for the pre-release versions of Windows 8, providing you much more flexibility in developing and testing Metro style apps on the Consumer Preview.

“The new Terms of Use for Pre-Release Windows 8 Metro style apps allows free and unlimited use of Bing Maps controls and APIs within your Metro style apps for the duration of the Windows 8 pre-release period,” informs Bing.

In order to take advantage of this special license, you must use a “Metro style apps (BETA)” key, which is available here.

You can use the following links to get started with this new SDK:

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