Bing Maps Now Default in AutoCAD 2014 - Releases Bing Dictionary Windows Store App

Bing Maps now default mapping service in AutoCAD 2014. Bing's homepage image "a source of momentary delight," says Microsoft. Updates Bing Dictionary Windows Store app.

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Bing Maps is now the default mapping service in Autodesk's AutoCAD 2014 software.

"AutoCAD now has a built-in Geolocation feature and allows users to create and enhance their designs with Bing Maps geocoding and map data. Bing Maps inside AutoCAD 2014 brings in location context and results in more accurate and richer designs," informs Bing.

Key geolocation workflows in AutoCAD 2014 supported with Bing Maps include:

  • "Locate your AutoCAD design in the real-world using Bing Maps geocoding service
  • View your AutoCAD design in the real-world high resolution aerial and satellite imagery
  • Aggregate and overlay 2D and 3D geolocated data with your AutoCAD designs
  • Locate yourself on your AutoCAD design in the field using GPS and Bing Maps."

Bing Maps used in an AutoCAD 2014 design:

Watch this video below, that demonstrates how real world location context can be brought into a design using the Bing Maps based Geolocation feature of AutoCAD 2014:

In other Bing news, Microsoft today writes that the daily high-resolution imagery on Bing homepage are not random --but, these are "carefully selected" by a team--and is a "source of momentary delight" for millions of people every day who search on

"The editorial team behind choosing the image carefully considers user happiness in every selection they make, working to maximize the surprise and delight we can get by simply taking a moment to explore our world visually," Matt Wallaert, of Bing Teambing stated.

Finally, Microsoft has also rolled out a new version of Bing Dictionary for Windows 8, that comes with improved performance, a "Clear history" setting in the "Options" menu.

"It supports both local / online English-Chinese bidirectional lookup. Particularly nice features include Smart Index, Search Suggestions and more," reads the description.

Grab the Bing Dictionary from Windows Store.

Microsoft Bing Dictionary app for Windows 8

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