Bing Homepage "Daily Downloads, Full Screen"; 'Get to Know Windows'; Angry Birds Star Wars Lands on Windows Phone; IE10 Features Highlights

Bing Homepage Daily Downloads is back with an easy way to let users download the daily image to computer."Now when you visit Bing you'll see a download icon at the right hand side of your screen. Simply click on the button, connect with Facebook and you can download the image to your computer," Bing said.Also, […]

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Bing Homepage Daily Downloads is back with an easy way to let users download the daily image to computer.

"Now when you visit Bing you'll see a download icon at the right hand side of your screen. Simply click on the button, connect with Facebook and you can download the image to your computer," Bing said.

Bing Homepage Daily Downloads and Full Screen mode launches

Also, Bing now officially announced the homepage in full-screen mode, "by clicking the intersecting arrows."

Microsoft has released new Windows 8 video that walks you around the new operating system --"Windows 8 and Windows RT are focused on your life--your friends and family, your apps, and your stuff," the video description reads.

In the video, Microsoft shows you the Windows Store, swiping from corners, connecting your accounts, and more.

In antoher video embedded below, Microsoft shows "The Maps App for Windows 8," that makes it easy to find the places you're looking for and helps you get there faster. Quickly pinpoint locations, get directions, see traffic conditions and more-- all designed to be easily navigable with touch.

The first thing you'll notice when you fire up the Maps app on Windows 8 is that your location is immediately available on the map. Using advanced location detection, we're able to quickly pinpoint where you are on the map so you can figure out where you're going next.

To explore the map, simply pinch to zoom, swipe to pan or use your mouse to click and scroll. Finally, you can check traffic conditions or get a birds-eye view of where you're going by simply switching modes.

We all know, that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 both comes with Internet Explorer 10. In a blog post, Microsoft today outlines the differences between IE10 on Windows 8 and IE10 on Windows Phone 8 along with the new features that will make building feature-rich HTML5 sites and applications for Windows Phone 8 easier than ever.

"It is important to mention that these features that help give Internet Explorer its fast and fluid performance (including the blazing fast JavaScript engine) work the same way in both Internet Explorer and any application that uses the WebBrowser control," Microsoft stated.

Apparently, IE10 for Windows Phone does not support the following:

  • "Inline video
  • Some of the new manipulation views APIs for touch panning and zooming, with the exception of -ms-touch-action
  • Multi-track HTML5 audio (simultaneous)
  • ActiveX and VBScript
  • Drag-and-drop APIs
  • File access APIs with the exception of blobs which are supported on Windows Phone 8
  • Windows 8 integration features: Link previews, pinned site icons & notifications and support for connecting sites to apps
  • Also in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone, does not return a valid window object. This is because on the phone each "window" is isolated in its own sandbox," informs Microsoft.

So there, the following features are added to IE10:

  • "Following CSS3 feature are included:
    • 3D Transforms: Apply interesting 3D effects to any element on the page.
    • Transitions and animations: The hardware-accelerated rendering platform allows transitions and animations to run independently of the main browser thread, giving you unparalleled performance.
    • Shadows for both text and boxes: Adorn your text and containers with drop shadows for a more artistic look.
    • Gradients: For those color changing moments, CSS gradients will be there for you. No more one-pixel wide image backgrounds!
    • Custom fonts: By popular demand we now have full support for Web Open Font Format (WOFF) on Windows Phone. Better yet, our friends from TypeKit, who provide a super popular library to add cool fonts to any website, announced official support for Windows Phone 8!,
  • Multiple columns: IE10 could automatically separate a block of text into multiple columns.
  • Positioned floats: To make this easier, Internet Explorer 10 adds support to the emerging wrap-flow style. Creating HTML5 magazines is now like a walk in the park!
  • CSS Regions allows developers to define a series of containers that text from a different source will flow through.
  • Grid layout. This Silverlight-like grid layout allows great control over how elements are positioned and makes table layouts a thing of the past.
  • Device adaptation allows developers total control of the layout viewport.
  • Flexible box allows you to position their elements so they flow in a given direction as well as expand to use available space.
  • HTML5 Application Cache makes your website files available offline!
  • IndexedDB object storage - you can think of this like a 'turbo-dictionary' that can be used with AppCache to provide a full offline application experience for your site.
  • Web workers: Multi-threading for the people!
  • Web sockets provides a low-latency communication channel back to the mother ship…
  • Multi-touch and gesture support for touch and gestures so they respond to input in an intuitive way," Microsoft added.

Check out the video below show the world what HTML5 on Windows Phone is all about!

Angry Birds Star Wars on Windows Phone Lands

Also, available now is the Angry Birds Star Wars on Windows Phone.

"The game, which costs 99 cents in the Store and requires Windows Phone 8, reimagines Angry Birds characters as the Star Wars cast, with a storyline straight from the beloved space opera--from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star. Your task: Dodge Imperial Pigtroopers, laser turrets, sand people, and the dark side the Force on the way to the ultimate showdown against Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs."

The game features more than 80 levels (including bonus ones), iconic Star Wars locales, and familiar weaponry: Lightsabers, Blasters, and Jedi powers.

Grab it now from Windows Phone Store.

Check out the fun trailer Rovio created for a taste: