Bing Helping Students Finding about Constellations and Solve Rubik’s Cube

Students: Use Bing to find out more about constellations, molecules - and solve the Rubik's Cube.

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The Bing team has released a new set of experiences for students that cover a wide range of topics such as from helping students learn science and history, to giving them tools to explore the English dictionary and expand their vocabulary.

Searching for "constellations" or a specific constellation name (e.g. "Cassiopeia constellation") on Bing will bring up an interactive constellations viewer.

Budding chemists can also see 2D models of any "molecule" they type into the Bing search bar, such as methane, c4h2 molecule or h2o molar mass. "You can hover over individual elements and electron pairs to learn more about how chemical elements bond to form molecules, and click and drag elements to "play" with the molecule on the screen," bing writes.

bing worlds of words

The "World of words" – presented in the form of a word cloud, the results display the top 10 words that start with, end with, or contain letters that you choose – can help with poetry, crosswords and many other types of word games.

There is also interactive "family tree" that enable you to trace the lineage of royal families, or individual kings and queens. "Scroll through time while learning about each family member."

In addition also present is, a "Did you know" section at the bottom of the answer that mentions notable people related by blood or marriage.

Bing search adds family tree

Additionally, Bing has also built a simple, useful "citation tool" that provides example citation text for each of the major types of source citations. Search for "apa citation book" to pull up this tool.

Finally, take a break with Bing's virtual Rubik's Cube solver. "Rotate and drag the cube with your mouse (or use the tool in the top right) to move the cube on your own or use Bing's instant solver tool to advance the cube through an easy-to-follow solving algorithm," bing rubiks cube solver

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