Bing App Join AMP Project, Now Serving AMP’d Pages

Bing App on iOS and Android now sever AMP pages preferably via an AMP cache for a faster experience.

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Bing App (for both iOS and Android) now supports AMP initiative. Short for "Accelerated Mobile Pages", AMP is an open-source essentially tool today for mobile site acceleration.

With now being AMP'd, the Bing App makes searching, browsing and reading news even faster. As the results are being loaded, Bing App detects whether the news articles have corresponding AMP pages associated with them—if found, the AMP pages given higher preference begin downloading from the closest server to the end user (preferably via an AMP cache for a faster experience), explains bing.

However, if the site is not yet AMP-lified, the "non-AMP pages by applying a number of other performance enhancements are served to the users."

Users will be able to detect the articles that have corresponding AMP pages whenever they see the AMP icon in our iOS app.

Bing App joing AMP project

Our data has shown a significant increase in AMP adoption by several news publishers. "We started experimenting with AMP in our Bing App last May and have noticed that AMP pages load, on average, approximately 80% faster than non-AMP pages" says Marcelo De Barros, Group Engineering Manager in charge of the AMP integration at Bing.

"Lighter pages also translate into less data being transferred over the network, requiring less network bandwidth to be downloaded," he said.

AMP does not impact ranking algorithms in any way.

Those who are new, "AMP page is just like any other HTML version, but with a 'mobile-first' approach, and take advantage of various technical and architectural approaches that prioritize speed to provide a faster experience for users."

You can read out AMP-coverage with optimization tips and guide HERE.

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