Bing Ads Sitelinks Extensions Now Available to Customers Targeting in the UK, Ireland

As of March 7, you will be able to display Sitelink Extensions for ads appearing in the top of search results pages on both Bing and Yahoo! Bing Ads Adult Advertising process explained.

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Sitelink Extensions for Bing Ads customers on the Yahoo Bing Network for ads targeting now available in the U.K. and Ireland as of the 7th of March.

""Sitelink Extensions" allow advertisers to promote up to ten more pages of your site, with dedicated, actionable text--and will appear in the top of search results pages on both Bing and Yahoo!"

"Showing these additional links below your ad means deeper engagement with your potential customers, enabling them to connect directly with the most relevant and important portions of your site," Bing said.

Sitelinks Extension in Bing Ads

In order to help, Sitelinks Performance metrics including click data and click-through rates, can be viewed in-line in the Campaigns grid, or via three new reports in the Bing Ads UI: "Ad Extension by Keyword; Ad Extension by Ad; and Ad Extension by Ad Extension Item."

Bing allows you to create Sitelink Extensions in multiple ways, "through the Bing Ads UI, Bing Ads Editor and the Bing Ads API." In addition, "you can also import your existing Google Sitelinks directly into your Bing Ads account through all of these mechanisms," Bing adds.

To enter ads in the Bing Ads UI: "Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab; Select the campaign(s) in which you want to assign the new extension(s); and Input your Sitelink Extensions, each containing a title (text to display for the Sitelink) and a URL," explains Bing.

Bing Ads Sitelink Extensions campaig\ns tab

Bing Ads: Adding Sitelink Extensions

Bing Ads Sitelinks Performance metrics

Update 03/13: New Bing Ads "Editorial Insights" page launched today"brings together the best of Editorial, answering the most frequently-requested Editorial topics from insider tips from Bing Ads Quality Score to why your ad or keywords might be disapproved," the team said.

Check here Editorial Insights.

Update 03/14: Bing Ads explains how Adult Advertising works on the network stating that they uses a variety of tools and functions to categorize and review adult keywords, ads and URLs--including an automated editorial process and a manual editorial process performed by a Microsoft employee trained in Adult Policy.

By default Adult advertising is a restricted, and needs proper activation of an account before marketing adult site.

"All, the adult ad or URL, submitted by non-approved advertiser will be blocked upfront. After the approval, advertiser receivs access to Bing Ads Adult Keyword List--enabling them to bid on a list of pre-approved, unambiguous, adult-related keywords "for an ad to go live." If the term is not on the list, the submission will be blocked upfront and/or not serve online. Adult-enabled advertisers may submit terms for possible inclusion into the Adult Keyword List through Customer Service," the team explained.

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