Bing Ads' New Landing Page Makes Sign-in Easier; Bulk Editing Comes to Bing Ads Apps

Bing Ads' brand new landing page makes any sign-in confusion a thing of the past! Enable or pause multiple campaigns, ads, and keywords on the Bing Ads apps for iOS and Android.

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Bing Ads makes signing in to the site straightforward, especially to those of you who manage multiple users and need to switch between various Bing Ads user names and Microsoft accounts in order to sign in.

Beginning today, Bing Ads' new landing page gets a complete makeover to make it even simpler to sign in and get started. "Over the next few weeks, you will start to see the new page when you go to Bing Ads," writes bing.

To sign in, just enter your user name or email address in the input field and click Next. If you sign in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft account, the brand new page will take you to the Microsoft account page to enter your password.

For those still using an old Bing Ads username, "clicking next will open up a new field on the same page where you can enter your password," bing noted.

Bing Ads rolls out new homepage for signing

In addition, Bing Ads Software Download policy revision, effective September 12th, 2016 is announced.

The update ensure that users are in full control of software installed on their devices. And, it revolve mostly around "the concept of user choice and control as paramount to user experience," bing stated. In addition, "it also strengthen requirements in key areas for example unauthorized software distribution."

For more details on this global policy revision, see this Software Download policy HERE.

Bing Ads apps for iOS and Android now enable or pause multiple campaigns, ads, and keywords.

Bing notes, that bulk editing on the mobile apps makes it easier "managing multiple campaigns at the same time." Now with bulk editing, "you will be able to enable or pause the statuses of multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords," bing writes.

Furthermore, bings ads team notes, they're working to "deliver bulk and shared budget management for your campaigns," as well as you can also look forward to "bulk bid management for ad groups and keywords."

Bing Ads apps with bulk editing is available for iOS and Android.

Bing Ads apps for iOS and Android with bulk editing

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