Bing Ads Gets New Inline Editorial Appeals, Adds New Filters to Keyword Research Tool

Bing Ads release updates adds new Inline Editorial Appeals and enhanced filters to Keyword Research Tool. Now, available in all markets.

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Bing Ads January 2013 release update adds inline editorial appeals and enhanced keyword research tool in all markets.

Inline Editorial Appeals and in bulk feature provides two new views in the Bing Ads Editor to save you time. "Our aim is to reduce the amount of time you spend viewing and appealing rejected ads, and reduce the steps in the overall editorial workflow while ensuring you are fully informed," Microsoft Advetising team said.

With this feature you can: "Appeal all of the rejected items in one click in bulk rather than singularly by ad or keyword; and View appealed items by category and appeal by category. "You can access this by clicking "View Editorial Errors" (see screenshot below), or by clicking "View" and then "Editorial Disapprovals"."

Keyword Research Tool improvements are now available in the US, CA, FR, UK, DE, IE, SG, IN, AT, CH.

Starting this month "you will be using an enhanced keyword research tool, which will enable you to: "Find Keyword Suggestions for seed keywords (up to 10) or website URL (up to 60 suggestions per keyword), along with Bid Recommendations," the team adds.

You can also apply new filters to your keyword research, including: Devices; Brand Names; and Max # Suggestions.

Bing Ads Keyword Research Tool New Filters

Bing Ads View Editorial Errors

Bing Ads Editorial Appeals terms by category

Bing Ads Editorial Appeal Pharmaceutical appealable view

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