Bing Ads "Click Type" Segmentation with Ad Extension Reports

Bing Ads released new Enhanced Ad Extension reporting with Click Type.

Ad extensions such as Sitelinks are a valuable tool in providing more relevant information to customers and driving deeper engagement. To help advertisers meet with the goal, Bing Ads adding "Click Type segmentation" to Ad Extension.

The new enhanced Ad Extension reporting with Click Type, will help advertisers to track clicks taking place on both ad title and ad extensions. This enhancement "will provide you valuable insights on how searchers interact with your ads with extensions and help you improve performance of your campaigns," informs Bing.

When it launches, "you will be able to find Click Type as an additional attribute in the Ad Extension by Ad and Ad Extension by Keyword reports, and it will be pre-selected by default," Bing explains.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Click Type segmentation, will enable you to track KPIs on the ad title and extensions separately:

Bing Ads Click Type segmentation helps tracking KPIs

And, in this picture, Click Type segmentation in the Ad Extension reports gives you visibility into all parts of the ad impression, not just the Ad Extension itself:

Bing Ads Click Type segmentation give visibility into all parts of ad impression

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