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Update 10/22: In an exclusive interview, following a Microsoft event to celebrate 30 years of Giving campaign, Bill Gates talked about the significance of the launch of Windows 8, about Windows Phone 8 and Surface.A billion ways to make a difference -- October is the magical month for Microsoft -- On Oct. 18, Microsoft CEO […]

In an interview with Bill Weir, Microsoft founder and Chariman Bill Gates on January 24, reflected on the passing of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.Weeks before the Apple founder died, Gates paid an unannounced visit to the home of his sometime friend and longtime rival:"He and I always enjoyed talking. He would throw some things out, […]

January 12th marks the ten year milestone of Bill Gate's memo on Trustworthy Computing. "Ten years ago on January 12, 2002, during a time when security problems were threatening trust in software products, Bill Gates sent an email to all Microsoft full-time employees announcing the creation of the Trustworthy Computing (TwC) initiative," blogged Microsoft.Around this […]