Beat Event Traffic with Real-world Info on Turkey day with Google Maps

Beat Thanksgiving holiday traffic hassle with real-time traffic information, alerts and re-routing.

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With Black Friday and Thanksgiving just days away, two new ways features to help you avoid holiday traffic for Google Maps is added today: First up, Maps in the Chicago, Detroit, Houston, NYC, incorporated road closures, transit schedule changes, and detours associated with the Thanksgiving parades.

With this integration, you can now see the parade route as well as real-life local changes on Maps when navigating around these cities.

Additionally, real time traffic alerts and rerouting will also be provided with you just input your destination for an upcoming traffic conditions. While on the road, you will also get heads up of congestion ahead along with an estimated delay.

Additionally, when a faster alternative route is available, Google Maps will show it to you.

Google Maps Thanks giving Parade Route Navigation Google Maps Thanksgiving Heavy Traffic Alert

1. Google Maps Thanks giving Parade Route Navigation. 2. Google Maps Thanksgiving Heavy Traffic Alert.

See how these features works in the video below:

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